Monday, May 16, 2016

How To Stay Organized With A Busy Schedule

When a reader requested for me to do a post like this I knew I had to jump at the opportunity. Unfortunately busy and I are close friends throughout the school year so I understand the frustrations that come along with keeping things organized when your time already feels consumed. Knowing that you want to keep things organized even when you're busy is a great start though since you're already being proactive when it comes to your schedule and your surroundings!

Keep Your Planner Updated
If you've read my blog for a while you know that I just about live in my planner. So much so that people claim that I always seem to be writing. My friends laugh that I write down just about everything I have going on in a day (including who I am having lunch with, when I am planning to shower, and even which emails I need to respond to). Keeping your planner updated is probably the best way I know of to stay organized when your schedule is busy. Write down the times you have important engagements and reference your planner multiple times during especially busy days. If you want to see how I organize my planner (which is a daily planner) then you can see that post here

Take 5
Nope, not the candy bar. Take five minutes at the start and end of your day solely to put things back in their proper place and tidy up your space. This gives you two opportunities per day to make sure that your stuff isn't piling up and creating unnecessary stress in your schedule. In that five minutes at the beginning of your day be sure that your bed is made and that your room is a tidy place that you'll look forward to coming home to at the end of the day. At the end of your day make sure anything that you brought home is put away in its proper place, that you've hung up the clothes in your closet, and that you're not just piling your stuff up to deal with once your week is over.

Know When You Work Best
Although this isn't solely organization, knowing when you work best will allow you to plan your tasks to ensure that you'll be ready to work when that time comes. For me, that is in the morning so I try to block out a decent amount of time each morning to be productive since I know that is when I'll be most focused. Start to discover when that time is for you and organize any meetings or errands so that they don't interfere with it! 

Create A To-Do (and to-don't list)
One thing that I love about my planner is that it has a whole column devoted specifically to a to-do list. Writing down the tasks you want to accomplish in a day will help you to not forget them and motivate you to get them accomplished. A to-don't list works very similarly. Write down anything that may distract you for example online shopping, social media, taking phone calls while you're working (things of that nature). Having these in a list will hopefully help to keep you accountable and on task better utilizing the time you have with your busy schedule. 

Wake Up Earlier
Extra time in the morning allows you a lot of opportunity to organize and prepare for your day before it begins. Snag a cup of coffee and start getting things accomplished! The more productive I am in the morning the more I want to get done the rest of the day so this early wake up call also provides a bit of encouragement to stay organized with a busy schedule.

I'd love to know how y'all best stay organized when your schedule is especially busy! Happy Monday, I hope that y'al had a restful weekend and are gearing up for a great week ahead! 


  1. Loved this post! It came at a great time for me as the end of the school year is always extremely busy!


  2. Waking up earlier is the key but sometimes it is soooo hard!
    Miss Olivia Says

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  5. Love these tips! I will definitely be utilizing these as I wrap up my junior year of high school!


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