Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cinco De Mayo

I LOVE a good theme. If I am on the fence about going to a party or event my friends know I can be swayed if there is some sort of theme. Maybe it's because I don't take myself too seriously or because I have a costume bin that is always itching to be pulled off the shelf but themes are something I just don't question. Cinco de Mayo is the perfect excuse to break out all things embroidered and colorful and I can assure you that these are pieces I reach for all summer! So break out the chips and salsa and make some guacamole to enjoy while shopping these festive fiesta worthy pieces! 

skirt // tassel bracelets // orange dress // lace up sandals // cactus case // embroidered blouse // pink tote // tassel sandals // mini piñata // pom pom dress // hola tote // tassel necklace // orange earrings // off the shoulder blouse // piñata phone case (just got this and it's even cuter in person) // green dress // pink and orange earrings // flowy frock

Meanwhile we are playing a fun game over on instagram (@prepinyourstep) called: Guess why I'm making this face! This may very well be the easiest multiple choice question you'll answer this finals season.
A. It's Cinco de Mayo and I love a good theme especially when it involves guacamole.
B. My sunglasses were falling off of my head.
C. I'm about to post a blog post with the perfect colorful pieces for the occasion and all summer long.
D. All of the above.

If you guessed D you would be right. If anything you can tell your parents you made a 100 on this test! 

PS. I couldn't be more excited to be back! Having minimal posts this past semester was frustrating since whenever I had free time all I wanted to do was blog! Just like last summer, I will be home and blogging full time for the month of May and then nannying during June and July as well. That means you'll be seeing lots of blog posts, more consistent videos, and social media updates (including snap chat, @prepstepsnaps) possibly more frequently than you would prefer. Thank you so much for being patient with me as I had to prioritize school and extracurriculars this past semester and to make up for it leave any of your blog or video post requests below! 


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