Monday, February 29, 2016

Step Into My Week


It's been a relatively lucky Monday on my side so far. I just completed my last test before spring break (it starts Friday!) and my second class for today was canceled! I feel like I don't know what to do with a little bit of fee time but I'm sure I'll find ways to fill it (including with blog posts)! I gave y'all a tiny bit of a sneak peak of a blog post coming your way soon with this picture. Any guesses as to what might be included? I am very excited to get it posted for y'all next week! 

This past week was busy and coincidentally relatively picture less. If you do want a mental image of what I've been up to think hanging out in the library surrounded by work, my planner, and a whole bunch of granola bars and now it's like you were there! 

This weekend however was our first function of the semester. Kappa Delta has three date functions in the fall and two in the spring. The one this weekend was called Crush and each year the seniors choose the theme. This year the theme was "When I Grow Up" which was harder to be clever with than I would have imagined. As president I am in charge of a lot of risk management that goes along with the function and this time more so than some other times. My date and I didn't even choose our costumes until the night before but I thought that it turned out relatively well. I went as a baker (a real dream of mine) and he went as a gingerbread man. There were lots of superheros, athletes, and service officers so I thought that even though ours was VERY last minute it was relatively creative. 

This week I'll aim to take a few more photos so that my recap can be a bit more exciting!
I hope y'all had a great week and weekend and are just as excited for March and the warmer weather we've been having as I am! 


  1. I have no idea what your DIY will be, can't wait to see! Your costume for your function is so cute!


  2. I love that y'alls seniors choose your mixer theme. I think that's such a fab idea and excellent for senior engagement! As a previous chapter president, I feel your pain about having to deal with risk management at social events. There were social events where I went the whole night not seeing my date because I had to deal with things.


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