Monday, February 15, 2016

Step Into My Week

Happy Monday! Since for the most part y'all didn't seem to care which day Step Into My Week posts went up for the time being I think I will be posting them on Monday as opposed to Friday. That's not to say that they won't go back to Friday at some point but for now I like the idea of posting them on Monday! 

I am also REALLY going to try to have five posts go up. I have hated that my blogging has been so inconsistent as of late! I miss sitting and writing posts and coming up with creative content for y'all and am trying to remind myself that it is ok to prioritize this along with school work. If y'all ever have any posts requests please leave them in the comments, tweet me, or email them to me! I love posting content that I know y'all are eager to see so never hesitate to send ideas my way!

As for this past week it served as a time to regain footing after a weekend away and get ahead for a busy couple of weeks to come! Monday's are typically pretty busy as I set the mornings aside to get all sorts of KD stuff done after taking a break from emails over the weekend. That night Nell and I went to Barre 3 and I had homework to get done after that. 

Tuesday I woke up with an awful sore throat and ended up accidentally taking drowsy cold medicine which made for a long and tired morning. I felt very out of it due to the medicine in addition to overall not feeling so great. I recovered however and will forever advise all college students to triple check to make sure that they are taking non-drowsy medicine before class otherwise it makes for a long day. That night I went to dinner downtown with a friend which was fun way to get off campus for a bit after traveling the weekend before and being on campus aside from driving to the airport. An early bedtime was in store that night as an attempt to combat my cold but I am not so sure it worked that well since today is the first day I really feel back to normal. It also got exceptionally cold last week so warm clothes were in order despite the groundhogs optimism that Spring is on its way.

You can find this hat for under $20 here! The socks are really old but were originally from Gap!

On Wednesday's I go to student teach the whole afternoon and had a big project to work on once I got back to Furman that afternoon. Thursday was an exciting day however because my little, Martha Ann, got a little of her own making me a grand big! All week she had been giving gifts to her little (see what I gave MA here) and that morning we got to reveal since the newest member of our KD family, Ellen, was going out of town that evening when everyone else would be revealing. We tried to make it just as fun and exciting for her so we had her come to the bell tower to meet us! Afterwards I made a yummy breakfast for us in my apartment complete with donuts, cinnamon rolls, pigs in a blanket, fruit, and bacon. Sadly my big, Caroline, had a meeting so she wasn't able to join us but we have weekly family dinners so we will all be getting a meal together soon!

That night I had a couple of different meetings and then hung out with my little before going to bed relatively early. Friday morning my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin were passing through town and I was able to grab breakfast with them before class which was so fun! It also snowed a decent bit on Friday morning which was a pleasant surprise! As for the rest of this weekend I wish I could say that I did me exciting things but for the most part it was spent recovering and working on a lot of school work.

Friday night I ran errands with my big to prepare for a Valentine's Day party that she hosted and then came back and watched a movie before calling it a night. Saturday was filled with a lot of homework and research for a project I had due today. With it being so cold out it was kind of nice to sit in my apartment with a cup of coffee and get a lot accomplished! That night I went to my big's Valentine's Day party which was so cute and thoughtful. She made so many delicious treats and I think I had enough sweets for all of us while there. 


Sunday included more homework and no big Valentine's Day plans unless you count leading chapter as big plans! After chapter I realized that I had been on campus pretty much all week and weekend and went for a short drive. This school year as weird as it sounds I've discovered how therapeutic it is to just go on a drive. While I don't go very far it provides a nice change of scenery and a guaranteed time for me to be by myself and reflect. Although I really didn't do that much this weekend it was really nice to enter into this week with more order and tasks accomplished than I had coming back from traveling last weekend. 

With a busy couple of weeks school wise and lots of fun things planned in the weekends to come hopefully this week will prove to be really productive and relatively stress free! 

I'd love to know what y'all did this weekend! Hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. Love reading these kinds of posts! They some how always manage to get me motivated to get more work done, you seem so organized!

  2. dang girl you are so busy!!! Looks like a fun and rewarding week!
    Miss Olivia Says

  3. Looks like such a fun week, Dorothy! I would love to see a daily routine post!



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