Monday, January 18, 2016

Step Into My Week

So, it's been a while… and boy has a lot been going on! For one, recruitment has been happening keeping myself and the other members of the recruitment team very preoccupied not to forget the fact that we just finished out first week of the new semester as well. Pretty sure it is safe to say things have been busy since my last Step Into My Week. I also realized that my last Step Into My Week happened back in 2015 so there are a lot of photos and stories to go along with them since then. 

I spent New Years Eve with some of my best friends and we decided to stay in and cook a delicious dinner and watch the Alabama game. We just barely made it to midnight and the next day woke up and prepared for our polar bear plunge. This has become a tradition and to our dismay it was especially cold. We also have a rule that we can't get out of the water until we have gone completely under and after that we all raced back to the house to claim a shower in order to warm up. We then had a traditional meal of ham, collard greens, and black eyed peas to ensure some good luck in the coming year!

Before leaving to come back to school for recruitment I was all about forcing some family fun! Walks and bike rides by the bay were the perfect way to really soak up the last few days I had at home! 


And as all good things must come to an end I finished up the break by packing stuff up into my car (including my birthday flowers which are only just now starting to die and my birthday was on the 26th of December) and spending my last night reading a new book

Once we got back to school it was full on recruitment mode. We had a an all day workshop on Thursday and then recruitment on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and then the following Saturday as well. There were lots of long nights and too many cups of coffee to count but it definitely all paid off and the excitement of bid day (post to come on that later in the week) and an awesome new pledge class made it so worth it. That last photo was on one especially late night when I made a quick cookout run for the recruitment team and pretty much epitomizes are health habits that week. 


Getting into the routine of a new semester always takes me a little bit of time especially with various meetings at night. Fortunately I am thinking that my schedule for this semester is one that I will like more than mine from last semester. I will be doing an updated agenda organization post for y'all since I am now using the Day Designer but here is a little glimpse of how mine looked coming back to school. For those of you curious I use these pens

And since I've been so on the go it's been especially nice to be able to grab things and head to the door. My new ID holder is perfectly practical and cute as is the tassel key chain I received for my birthday. When they aren't in my hand I keep them on this cute little zebra tray on my desk. 

I am going to start back with weekly Step Into My Week posts at the end of this week but didn't want y'all to feel like you had missed out on too much by neglecting to post one from the beginning of 2016!
Hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. Busy busy girl! Looks like an amazing week back to school!
    Miss Olivia Says

  2. I love all of your pictures from rush, so much fun! Your tradition of a polar plunge sounds so fun (and definitely cold!). Hope you have a great weekend!



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