Friday, January 1, 2016

Reflection On 2015 Goals

Happy New Year to you! Glad that you decided to spend part of your first day of 2016 checking my blog. It's crazy how fast years feel like they are going by and what is especially alarming is that one of my friends mentioned that we graduate next year right as 2016 began. Scary but I am definitely thankful for another year before entering "the real world." As for this year I always think it is good to start off with some goals for the year to come. Not exactly resolutions since those often don't have any plans behind them but instead some attainable goals to keep in mind throughout the year to achieve. 

I like that last year I came up with goals in various sections of my life because that made it seem easier to achieve and focus on them. There are some that I was able to focus on more than others and there are some that made the list again this year because I think it is important to continue focusing on them. Here are mine from last year…

// school //

stress less… can't say this one ranks all that high on the list of achievements this year but I did learn to take on a more balanced mentality. When I was feeling stressed I would often remind myself that all of my assignments always get done which was a great way to put things in perspective.

stay involved …major check mark next to this one! At the beginning of the semester I was VP-Public Relations for my sorority and started the semester by publicizing our philanthropy event. This was a huge involvement and helped me to realize my interest in becoming my sororities president which occurred at the end of this semester. 

// blogging //

continue to grow… another check mark in this category. I am always so flattered when people check out my blog and choose to come back and continue to check it. It's also crazy to think I have been doing this for four years.

make opportunities for myself… blogging has provided me with some amazing opportunities. This year I had the opportunity to work with Pottery Barn Dorm, Luna Bar, and Visa just to name a few which was so cool. I would love to continue to work with awesome brands like this and continue to form my own relationships with brands and companies that I love and want to share with y'all.

expand social platforms… I like to think of myself as social and love that social media is a way for me to easel update y'all on various things happening. Last year I made a Facebook page for the blog (i'd love it if y'all wanted to check it out and like it here) and I want to be more dedicated to it and this year I made a snap chat (@prepstepsnaps). Those are ones I want to focus on in the year to come but have seen awesome growth on my instagram and pinterest which is really neat. 

connect… by expanding social platforms I've done this to an extent but I want to get back on top of my email inbox!

// adventure //

travel… I traveled out of the country for this first time this year so I'll give this one a major check mark. Paris and London were so fun and it definitely made me realize how much I enjoy exploring new places. 

be spontaneous… another one that can always be worked on!

// health //

enjoy working out… I really do like working out and making it a priority has been a great ting for stress levels and personal health. 

snack less…not so sure how much of a possibility this is but at school I've learned to snack on healthier food which is a success.

// lifestyle //

focus on the positive… always could use a bit more focus but overall I think I did decently.

save more… definitely did this but also spent money on experiences in Paris and London making it seem more well used. It also helps that I had a job this summer!

stay intentional… definitely good at this one even though some times it isn't felt in return.

know when to take a break… this is definitely something I need to work on. Especially taking on new positions that can be stressful at times. Taking a break is something that I did this summer and I am beyond thankful that I did since I didn't really feel like I had an opportunity to take a break this semester. 

Stay tuned for a post next week all about my goals for 2016!


  1. hi! new reader! really enjoy your writing style. keep up the great work. one question: what font did you use for the magenta lettering on your list?

  2. Amen to staying positive! :) And definitely stay involved while at college - engaging in active leadership all throughout college changed my life and definitely encouraged me to be a more positive and forward person!

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

  3. These are amazing goals that you set for your 2015! I can't wait to see what you accomplish in 2016 <3 Check out my new blog, Style with Smiles! It would means so much! and my instagram is @mamordoh! Thank you

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