Monday, January 4, 2016

It's Here! Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Finds + GIVEAWAY!

It's happening! The After Party Sale is happening now on Lilly Pulitzer's Website! I look forward to this sale every year and have shopped it since high school. A consistent great start to a new year. I highly recommend y'all head over to the site (fingers crossed that it doesn't crash this year) and hop in the virtual line, it moves faster than you would think, for deals and steals from our favorite designer! 

If you've made it this far without opening another tab to shop I am seriously impressed, I know how caught up we can all get in a sale! I shared lots of pre-shopping tips with y'all in my last post and hope that they proved to be useful as you prepared for Lilly shopping endeavors. However, if you are here because you may be waiting in the virtual line and want to be entertained while you wait I have a couple more tips as well as an awesome giveaway I'm encouraging you to enter! 

Day Of Shopping Tips:

First, if the website does crash (which is quite possible) there is no need to send strongly worded tweets to the Lilly Pulitzer team on Twitter and Facebook, they want us to be able to shop and it is already nice enough that they give us the opportunity to shop Lilly for discounted prices!

Items in your cart are not reserved so try to shop fast and checkout if you have a piece in your cart that you can't live without! 

If the sale isn't working for you online try shopping through the Lilly Pulitzer app. Occasionally it will be faster than the computer however I definitely prefer perusing through the site. 

If you end up snagging anything let me know! I am nosy and curious and would love to share the thrill of the sale with you!

Now for the giveaway reminder. Head over to this blog post to enter for a chance to win these festive and fun printed leggings & a s'well water bottle!

Now here are some of my favorites from the sale!


  1. Your tips helped so much but sadly I couldn't shop the sale--broke high schooler in the house *casually does the lifting the roof dance move*!!! I opened many tabs and I guess "practiced" for when I am able to shop it. I got 200th in line (thats much better than I thought I would be) and I was able to practice putting everything I wanted in my cart. It all worked so smoothly and the multiple tabs of lilly's website is a super great idea! Thanks for the help! Praying I can shop the summer sale!

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  2. Thanks for all your helpful tips, Dorothy!! I love Lilly, and I love it even more when it's on sale! I snagged some great items this year!
    Madison //

  3. You notified us of a sale! And gave us some awesome, helpful tips. Thanks.
    xo girl C


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