Friday, October 30, 2015

Step Into My Week

I hate that another week has gone by with nearly no posts from me. October was just not my month for blogging but I've already been brainstorming lots of stuff for November so be on the lookout for lots of new content from me! If y'all have any specific requests for blog posts or videos let me know so that I can go ahead and start planning those! 

Friday afternoon I got to meet up with Madeline, you've seen the backpacks she made here! She and her mom were visiting Furman and it was so fun to chat with her about my favorite parts about Furman and here her perspective and learn more about the backpack company she and her mom started! 

As for my past week it was an incredibly busy but fun one with homecoming this past weekend. Friday was the homecoming carnival and pomping on the mall (how we build our homecoming floats). It's always such a blast with so much activity on campus. Each sorority is parked with a fraternity and this years homecoming theme was board games. Our sorority was paired with Sigma Nu and had Mouse Trap as our theme so we built a section of the game complete with a dropping trap. That was finished up on Friday night and then there was some swing dancing on the mall with live bands before everyone went to bed before the next days festivities.

Saturday was one long long day filled with plenty of fun. That morning I had an induction into the education honor society, Kappa Delta Pi, so I had to be up around 8:00 after going to bed at 2:00 ish the night before. A few of my friends were also inducted into the organization so we all went together.

Then it was off to the homecoming tailgates filled with plenty of socializing with alumni and friends! The weather was surprisingly comfortable after a cold snap earlier in the week so I was able to wear this fun navy dress and my favorite cowboy boots (currently on sale).

We enjoyed the game for a bit and I went back to my apartment to take a breather before getting ready for a fraternity homecoming function I had been invited to. It was super fun and a lot different than sorority functions that I am used to. We went with a group to get dinner first and then went to the event where there was a live band and lots of dancing and socializing. It was really dark at the event so I don't really have any good photos from the event but if you are looking for a flattering dress good for fall and winter events then I would highly recommend the one I wore. It was so comfortable and I got so many compliments on it. My friends are already claiming it for our winter formal.  

So while the weekend was all play and minimal work I had a lot to do before some big assignments were due on Friday. Here are a few photos from my instagram this week! 

It was super rainy and decently cold Monday thru Wednsday so bean boots were a must! You can get the same pair I have here

Go enter my giveaway for this necklace from Lisi Lerch on my instagram @prepinyourstep!

Yesterday I was determined to be productive and decided that a change of scenery would help that. I went to a coffee shop down town and ended up staying there for about 4 hours and was able to get thru a lot of work. Now I really want some cute coffee cups and plates like theres. 

I hope y'all had a fabulous week and am so excited that you'll be seeing more of me over here in the weeks to come! Happy Friday!


  1. I love this! Also, where is your dress in the tailgate pictures from? So cute!


  2. I love all of your friends (and yours!) dresses from the tailgate, as a southern girl I can definitely understand how dressing for football is an art ;) Hope you have an awesome weekend!

    xoox, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  3. Looks like you have had a super fun week! I love the top you are wearing in the first picture with Madeline!


  4. Hey Dorothy! I'm excited to see you had a great week. Some post ideas: how you take notes, some favorite dinner recipes, books that you're reading, how you stay motivated. Some videos: maybe a tour of Furman, videos of you making meals, maybe another video with Nell?

    Glad to see you're doing well, and thank you for your posts and videos!


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