Thursday, October 16, 2014

5 Ways To Increase Productivity

With midterms being this week I feel like the library has been the place to be as of late. Surprisingly, I really like studying in the library and I have become (embarrassingly) territorial of my favorite cubicle. Let me just tell you, this cubicle is perfect. A big window lets in light right behind it, it's a back cubicle with no one sitting behind me making it feel secluded, and it is where I am usually most productive. The library can be an extremely social place and this cubicle is in an area that doesn't get a ton of traffic and people understand that you should be quiet in this area, how perfect could it get. I am going to be very sad if I ever walk over towards it and someone is seated there.

The combination of my favorite study spot and the tips I am sharing below are my go to tricks to increase my productivity!

Time Yourself.
I know lots of people who work best under pressure. By giving yourself a time limit to complete a task you will pick up the pace and feel more motivated to get it done. Chances are your phone has a timer capability so just set yourself up with a specific amount of time and race the clock (but make sure to do a good job with your work).

Workout and then Study.
Elle Woods said it best… "Endorphins make you happy" and personally, I feel more energized post workout. If I workout and then study I am more focused and the energy I've gained helps me to really power through some of my assignments. (Here are my favorite workouts)

Listen to Classical Music.
Pandora is the best. Whenever I am really hoping to focus and be productive I put on the Classical for Studying station to drown out any background noise that could potentially distract me. This station is great because I find myself attempting to do work along with the tune of the music and most of it is fast paced enough for me to be more efficient.

Cut Out Distractions Entirely.
Don't need your laptop or phone to study for something? Then don't bring them. Study breaks become more frequent when these devices are present so by leaving them in your room you aren't allowing yourself that distraction. If it is crucial for you to bring them set your phone on airplane mode and get the app self control on your computer so you aren't confused as to how you ended up on Pinterest.

Make a Prioritized To-Do List and Follow It.
To-do lists are my best friend (sorry Nell). The satisfaction I get from crossing a task off is almost as embarrassing as my love for that certain cubicle I mentioned earlier. Listing your tasks in order from most important to least allows you the most energy while completing your highest priority task meaning you will do a more thorough job!

What are your best tips for increasing productivity?


  1. Great tips, I could really use some of these tips as getting distracted is so easy!

  2. I love this post!! I am definitely going to try listening to classical music next time I study :)

  3. Great Post! Just what I needed to start studying for all of my tests next week.

  4. As always, your school organization post came at the perfect time for me! I love all these tips - thanks for sharing!

  5. You're more than right. I tend to get distracted a lot, but if i stay away from my laptop/phone, things get better. I also like making lists in order to get everything done :)

    xx Cecil //

  6. This post will certainly help me next week when I head back to school! Thanks for some great tips :)

    xoxo, Katie

  7. I love making to do lists! It makes me feel like I know exactly what needs to get done!!


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