Friday, October 3, 2014

Step Into My Week: 9/26/14 - 10/2/14

It's back, hopefully you didn't assume that since I didn't do it last week it was gone for good! Step Into My Week is back and this will be quite the photo filled recap. I didn't do one of these last Friday because I had 0 pictures to share…oops you may think I am overcompensating for the amount you are seeing the week.

This past weekend was Parent's Weekend and I was so excited for my parents to get to Greenville! They arrived on Thursday night so I got to have dinner with them and then we spent the whole weekend hanging out and enjoying each others company along with the company of my friends and their families!

Friday I had class until 2:30 so I left mom and dad doing whatever until I finished up. They arrived promptly and we took a nice walk around the lake with a stop at Furman's sustainability center (mom's favorite). 

Clearly my dad missed me.
Then that evening we went to one of my favorite restaurants downtown, Smoke on the Water. We wandered around downtown and enjoyed our meal outside.

Saturday was a bit more eventful. I met my parents at the farmers in Travelers Rest and then we decided to walk from the hotel to my favorite crepe place (yes, the one I've been to weekly since being here) to indulge in a tasty midmorning treat.

Then it was football tailgating we went. Usually fraternities are the only ones to set up tents for tailgates but for parents weekend all the sororities put up tents as well. The Furman mall was sprinkled with tents, fans, and families and the weather couldn't have been better for it.
At least 2 of us look happy to be there.
My dad always makes fun of the "gang signs" so this weekend was the perfect time for me to force teach him how to do mine. He wasn't the best sport about it but he doesn't look to upset either.

I even got to meet one of my readers which was so fun! Caroline's older sister Sally is a KD with me at Furman and it was so great to get to chat with Caroline at the tailgate. She was so sweet and it is so much I love connecting with readers, if makes blogging a lot more social. I definitely wouldn't complain if she ended up at Furman next year.

Currently there are three of us at Furman that all went to the same high school so it was great to run into them and their families while bopping around from tent to tent.

Naturally, we met up with Nell and her family at the tailgate and I think our parents enjoy each others company as much as we do!

The picture below to the left includes lots of people you may recognize if you've been following along for a while! These are some of my best friends from my freshman year hall (you may remember us all going to New York together) so it is entertaining to see how even though some things change lots stays the same. At the tailgates we were reminiscing about how awkward some tailgates were since we were not yet involved in Greek life and now we have all found our homes!


Bottom Left: Erin is a Chi O and that is what my mom was in college so it was amusing to see them bond over the secrets they share and it was quite entertaining to see how happy doing the secret handshake made them.


 After the tailgates Nell and I along with our families bailed out before the game and opted to hear downtown to wander around before dinner. We then met up with Olivia and Caroline + their families for a delicious dinner at Brick Street Cafe. This place is so good and we all ate up the atmosphere and our entrees and then indulged in some of their cake. They are most well known by Furman students for the cake they serve and we all left with boxes filled with leftovers!

I spent the night at the hotel with my parents Saturday night and got one last (free non-DH) meal out of them the following morning before they headed home!

All in all it was such a fun weekend and I am excited to have been able to share parts of my Furman experience with my parents.

As for the week…

I didn't really do anything exciting at the beginning of the week so I don't have that many photos.

Last night however, I was invited to go to the Nordstrom Rack pre-party for the store that is opening in Greenville. I was allowed to bring a guest so I drug Nell along with me to the event. As a college student I definitely appreciate having a store like this nearby to better shop on a college budget. The store opens today at 9:00 so if you are in the Greenville area you should definitely check it out! (Also, if you are in the Greenville area you should definitely email me letting me know because I have an exciting event I want to share with y'all).

This week was a good one and was made even better by the fact that my afternoon class today was canceled!

Now for what is on my radar…

The Zara blanket scarf has been coveted by many and while the knockoff versions are great they are still around the same price as the original would have been. Target saves the day again by creating their version for $16.99! The outfit creations you could come up with for this scarf are virtually endless so it will definitely be a fall staple in my wardrobe! (I also have a slight obsession with this scarf in blue and green and it isn't too pricy either!)

Gilmore Girls coming to netflix has also been an exciting occurrence this week! I used to watch Gilmore Girls all the time and I was in need of a new Netflix series so this came at the perfect time!

FALL BREAK. Next weekend is fall break and Nell, Caroline,  (hopefully Olivia), and I are heading to Nell's Grandparent's Country House. Convienently enough, my grandparents also have a house in this area so we are going to have a farm fun filled fall break complete with exploring, skeet shooting, 'smokes roasting and more. This sounds like the perfect fall trip to me so lets hope the weather represents that as well!

If you missed it then check out my dorm room for this year here!

When asked what Nell has had on her radar this week she bluntly responded with EBOLA. She advises the Dallas area to take head… so there you have it. Maybe an input from Nell will be weekly, we will have to come up with a clever name for it!

Thank Goodness It's Friday!


  1. Looks like parent's weekend was a blast! I wish we had a Nordstrom or Rack nearby.

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  2. It looks like you had so much fun!! Um, Nell's Notions? ;-)


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