Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What To Wear During Recruitment {Style Guide For Girls Rushing}

For many universities, the lovely ladies considering joining a sorority are heading to school to make their dorm rooms home while finding a home within a greek organization at the school. While I am no pro considering Furman University (the school I attend) has Winter recruitment I have been in your shoes with the struggle of deciding what to wear! 

Know that all schools do it a bit differently and many very large universities have multiple days in some of the beginning rounds so these looks will just give you an idea of what to wear during the recruitment process.

I know that picking out outfits can be super stressful but add in the fact that it is for recruitment and I am picturing a torn through closet with me seated in defeat. Be sure to pick out your clothes prior to leaving for school (if your school does recruitment right away) so that you don't have to worry about that as you are placing your last throw pillows on your bed after moving in!

 (Round One) OPEN HOUSE / ICE WATER TEAS: (some universities expect this attire for philanthropy and a sundress for open house) This is the most casual of the rounds! Typically the ladies in charge of your Panhellenic Recruitment will have made a shirt for all the Potential New Members (PNMs) to wear. If this is the case for you then you are halfway there! Now to choose a pair of bottoms and shoes! I recommend a cute pair of chino style shorts that match the color of the design on your shirt! Sadly you can't express your style that much when you are in a uniform shirt as all of the other girls but accessorizing with jewelry is a great way to make an attempt! Choosing a pair of comfortable sandals is crucial to making it through the day! Make sure you have worn these shoes before so you don't end up with blisters! (Hair: Perky pony tail, braided pony tail, half up)

Chino Shorts (a lighter weight version that is ideal if it's going to be incredibly hot) | Sandals ( I love Jacks as well) | Monogram Necklace | Name Bar Necklace |

(Round Two) PHILANTHROPY: At Furman philanthropy round was still semi casual! A fun skirt with a flouncy, flowy blouse would be a great way to show off your style. Philanthropy round digs deeper into what it means to serve as a member of a certain sorority and will more than likely include a craft or activity to complete so be sure you can move around in your outfit! (Hair: braid into pony tail, half up)

| Bright Colored Skirt  | Flowy Blouse | Sandals |

(Round Three) SKIT: Skit was by far my favorite round of recruitment! All of the skits put on by different sororities were so entertaining and it was great to get to know girls on a more personal level! For skit a cute dress and a pair of wedges would be perfect for this round. You can accessorize with a fun statement necklace but think a bit more casual. Save your nicer dress for Pref! (Hair: down and pinned back)

| Casual Dress | Wedges | Necklace |

(Round Four) PREFERENCE TEA: This round is much more formal! Definitely don your favorite wedges or heals and wear a fancier summer frock! Dress up your dress with some of your favorite jewels but don't overdo it! (Hair: down, curled or straight)

| Dress (UNDER $50!) | WedgesEarrings |

Hope this helps address any outfit dilemmas you may encounter!


  1. Love this post! I am still a few years away from rushing but it is great to save this for future reference. :)

    xo Carrie

  2. These are all such cute outfits! I wrote a similar post a few weeks ago. Isn't it funny how different recruitment-wear can be across campuses?


  3. Great outfits, I especially love the second one! This is so helpful!


  4. At Alabama, we have 8 days of this, so ours was so much more extensive unfortunately. But these outfits are pretty much the basis for anyone! Love it!

  5. Love this post! I plan on rushing when I go to college!



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