Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Decked Out Dorm: PB Teen

As excited I am to begin my sophomore year of college I am kind of sad that I won't be re-designing my dorm and facing all of the choices an incoming freshman may face when designing her space! The stress in choosing the perfect bedding will not be missed however I do adore mixing and matching different pieces to build a space that can become my own! 

In the next few weeks I will sporadically be showing y'all some room choice options that would be perfect for decking out your dorm, or any space for that matter! I am making these posts based on specific places online that I have found to be great places to find bedding and accessories! Mixing and matching pieces from these places is definitely encouraged and I hope that you will be inspired to add a few finishing touches to any rooms that you think may need a little something more!

I obviously had to begin with the mecca of  perfect bedding and home goods for any girls (or guys) space, my personal favorite, PB Teen! I have always imagined completely starting over with my room and furnishing it with everything PB Teen. While that is not in the least bit practical for my room at home, it is the perfect place to stock up on dorm room bedding and accessories! For this dorm room idea I went for navy, pink, and grey fully loaded with monograms, pom poms / fringe, and a little bit of pattern!

I wouldn't skimp on the pillows because of the cozy touch they add and by keeping all of our greys patterned it adds playfulness while not overwhelming you with prints! I envisioned a desk that doubles as a vanity so of course storage options were necessary and a lamp is required if you need to stay up and study while your roommate is catching up on some zzzs!

 So when can I move into this room?

For more awesome dorm bedding in various colors check out PB Teen!


  1. Love this! I'm going to be a sophomore in college too and although I am keeping my same bedding etc., I am excited to redecorate a little!

  2. I've always loved PB Teen - from when I was little, I always wanted a room fully decked out in it! They really have some great products, and I'm definitely going to be checking them out as I start decorating my dorm for this fall!


  3. Although I am a few years out of college, I can tell you that redesigning a bedroom never really stops! Love all your picks :)

    Emily at Style Cubby

  4. I'm going to college next month and I'm looking for cute ways to decorate my dorm and this helped! Thanks!


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