Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Perfect Everything Tote

We have discussed my chronic overpacking problem before…oops! Well, this tote is completely conducive to me overpacking in the most organized way! It really is the perfect everything tote! As lame as this sounds I am already planning to use this as my teacher tote (elementary education major if you didn't know). This tote is completely customizable and an amazing option brought to you by Barrington Gifts. I got this the day before I left for camp and I immediately transferred the contents of my trusty large navy Longchamp to this nylon and leather beauty (so durable!).

For my tote I chose a tan ikat option. I have so many incredibly bright totes already that I thought a practical tote would be a nice addition!

Tote (℅) // Planner (get the new ones here) // ID case / Kelly Wynne clutch (℅) //

Can we just take a minute to talk about how incredibly spacious this tote is!

Whether you use this tote for work or school you really can't go wrong with the amount of space and storage it has! And, it would be the perfect company for a well put together business outfit every time!

Above you got a glimpse at what I've stored in mine but you couldn't quite see ALL of the pockets this bag has! In the back zipper compartment which is huge, I have stored a pair of fold up flats (so comfortable) by Yosi Samara. If I were wearing wedges all day I love to have the option of throwing on flats and this back pocket is the perfect place to store them!

In this image you can now see that there are three front pockets as well which is super convenient for smaller items that I need to grab on the go! I have stored my portable charger, phone, and sunglasses case in those pockets.

Do you have a favorite tote that fits EVERYTHING?


  1. That tote is HUGE! I love it! The pattern on the tote is beautiful..
    Classy Cathleen

  2. Hello! I'm Alyssa, and I'm just beginning getting into blogging!
    I love all of your posts, and your blog is such an inspiration.
    I've read your "tips for starting a blog" post, and I was wondering if you had any more tips for a beginner?
    I was also wondering what site you used to first start your blog?

    Let's chat sometime! :)

  3. What a great tote! I have a Coach Legacy carry all in an electric blue color that's about the same size and I love being able to fit everything in there! I might have to check out this tote though. Loving that print!

    Odds & Ends

  4. Any time I have to lug around lots of things with me I tend to throw everything in my Longchamp - it's just perfect for every occasion! I love the pattern of this tote though too!

    The Life & Times of Belle

  5. This bag is gorgeous! I love having a bag that I can throw everything into, but now that I'm not in college anymore... it can be more of a curse that a blessing! It gets a little heavy sometimes :)

  6. this tote is stunning! my go-to bags are my tan longchamp or my 'eat cake for breakfast' from kate spade!

    Makeshift Munch

  7. I love the tote but do you like it better than the large longchamps?


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