Friday, June 6, 2014

My Must Have Products

Over and over again y'all have requested me to share my favorite products for this and that so here I am summing up all of my must have products as of late right here right now! I thought it would be easiest to go through my daily routine along with the products I use so that I can clarify what I use each for (although it's probably pretty self explanatory).

(by the way, I tend to shower at night)

Before I shower I usually turn some music on on my phone by using pandora. Before I actually get in the shower I do my very best to get all of my eye makeup off by using Neutrogena's Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. I usually use 2 cotton round for this, one to actually get the makeup of with and the other clean one to wipe under and around my eyes after using the product (although it says it is oil free I find it to be a kind of greasy product and that's why I like to use it before I shower).

I am not a leisurely showered and would prefer to get in, get clean, and get out! I tend to start by shampooing and conditioning my hair. I have been loving Pantene's Repair and Protect shampoo and conditioner. After I have put the conditioner in my hair I don't rinse it out until I've finished everything else. Next I usually wash my face. I use Murad's Clarifying Cleanser when I wash my face and I use all of the items from this line for my facial cleanser (I am not sure it is the best face wash for clearing up my skin but it was worth a try and I like the way it feels and smells). After that, I use body wash by first putting it on a loofah (makes a world of difference in tiny showers at school). I don't wash the body wash off my legs and instead use it as a shave gel for when I shave my legs.

post shower
After I shower and get dried off I focus on my face. I start by putting on Murad's Clarifying Toner and then follow up with Murad's Blemish Spot Treatment. Next, I use Neutrogena's Oil-Free lotion and then if I feel like it sometimes I put lotion on my legs and body.

Of course my favorite go-to product is the one I left out of the image! I am on my second bottle and absolutely adore Pantene's Overnight Repair Miracle Serum! I put two pumps into my hand and apply it to the lower third of my hair before I blow it dry! This stuff smells amazing and leaves my hair super soft!

The makeup I chose to include in this image and post is what I use as my regular makeup routine. I start by putting lotion on my face and then I curl my eye lashes and put on mascara. If I want my eye lashes to look super full and long I combine a couple of mascaras but my favorite is Benefit's They're Real. I always do my mascara first which isn't really the norm. Also, I don't wear eye shadow very often so that's why I chose not to include it. Next I use my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer and just rub it in with my fingers. (I really want to try out Bare Mineral's new liquid foundation!) Then, I apply a little bit of bare minerals powder foundation for a bit more coverage! (I like using bare minerals brushes and eco tools brushes and I don't really stray from those). If I decide to use a bit of bronzer I like Pixi's Beauty Bronzer and I apply a little bit under my cheek bones. For blush, I like to double team with Nars' Orgasm blush to give my cheeks a little bit of a glow and then on top of that I use Bobbi Brown's Desert Rose blush for a bit more color.

And then I am all done with my "beauty routine."


  1. I LOVE this! Can you try to do a post or video about school supplies for college?

  2. Great post - love it! May I ask how you made the collage?

  3. The Bare Minerals BareSkin liquid foundation is amazing! You should definitely look into it!


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