Friday, June 13, 2014

What I've Learned From Camp

Camp has been my home away from home for years now. I honestly can't imagine a summer where camp is not in my agenda complete with a countdown. As a camper for six years and now into my third year as a counselor I have learned a lot from my summers of fun! My age-out (last year I could be a camper) year we were all asked to write a quick 30 minute blurb about what camp means to us. Here is what mine says, (I took my camps name out of it so many of the camps in it were replaced with it's specific name).

"As I complete my final year as a camper here I realize how much camp really means to me. As upset as I am to finish my career I am reminded of the amazing experiences and friendships that my summers here at camp have brought about. I met 3 of my very best friends here at camp and have been influenced by campers, counselors, and Christ during my time here. Here I have learned confidence, responsibility, and compassion that I may not have found elsewhere. I hope that camp impacts each and every one of you in the same positive way it has impacted me. Take advantage of your years here at camp and cherish each moment because it really is over before you know it."

Camp has allowed me to branch out and step out of my shell. I have gained skills necessary in life such as working with others, making friends, and becoming a team player. Many of my fondest memories were made at camp. Through my experiences at camp I have become independent and confident and each summer am given a chance to step away from the real world and fully immerse myself into the "camp bubble" that I know and love.

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