Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring / Summer Lust-List

Oh, if only I had an endless spending account.. Being a college student, that is clearly not the case, but a girl can dream! I've had my eye on quite a few items for Spring and Summer that I am wishing would somehow end up in my closet (that's how it works right?)! 

I am not opposed to any season but I am a huge fan or spring and summer and the bright colorful products that come out around this time each year. Lilly Pulitzer absolutely killed it this season with their newest collection (this was the collection I got to see in the showroom when I went to New York so I knew the perfection that was to come)!

Earrings | Wedges (see post here for countless other cute wedges) | Perfume (The rollerball is perfect for travel!) | KD Bag | Longchamp Mini | Fringe Scarf | Popover | Cork Jacks | Scalloped Leather Travel Bags

Between the time that I made this image and today when I am posting it, the list has already grown!
These are definitely #1 on my to purchase list! (with this fun top) Jamming Jellies and Lobster Roll are too cute to pass up!
Also, these shoes (only available online)! Only $20 and I have the silver glitter pair and wear them frequently and love them!

What is on your spring / summer lust list?


  1. I really love the glitter sandals you linked! I might have to go pick those up...

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  2. I love this list! And I have that popover, it's absolutely perfect! And ahh I need a lilly scarf as well.


  3. I agree with you! Nice clothes are very expensive for a student to afford! Maybe Lilly Pulitzer should have a sale where everything is free! Great post!


  4. I want it all too! I also want Kendra Scott earrings!


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