Monday, May 5, 2014


With finals in full swing this week as well as the stress of packing up a dorm room (they are small but boy can a lot fit in them) and saying goodbyes everyone has a lot going on! During one of my many pinterest (I pin lots, follow me!) breaks I saw a pin that said be a builder, not a bulldozer and I couldn't get it out of my head. I thought that this was such a great way to phrase the idea of being positive and uplifting! 

Not that I am a negative or discouraging person by any means but I feel like having this as a reminder can be such a great way to remain encouraging always! Always build people up instead or bringing them down!

Whether you are complementing someone on their outfit choice or the hard work they've put in lately being a builder to others leaves you and the other person so much happier!

(I've also heard another phrase similar to this stating, be a fountain not a drain!)

Kill People With Kindness,
Happy Monday!


  1. This is perfect! Dorothy, you are very positive and must brighten the lives of everyone you meet!



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