Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dressing for Winter in the South

Thank goodness I attend college in the South, I am not sure I could dress for enough warmth that Northern weather would require! For me, Furman is more Northern than my hometown so the temperature is slightly different during the seasons, which I now get all four of!

Here is my winter wear for chilly Southern days!





For me personally, layering is what works best!

I start with a basic oxford and put a heavy cable knit sweater on over it! Jeans are always a must for me and I tuck them into some cozy camp socks and throw on my L.L. Bean Duck Boots. To make sure I stay extra warm I throw on my Barbour jacket! For even more warmth I put on one of my favorite J.Crew vests, a scarf, and some mittens of gloves!

| Barbour: Pink Bee West End (mine is the beadnell in sage and I wear it at least 4 times a week) | Sweater: Forever 21 and another awesome F21 option (goes with absolutely everything and wear it far too often, definitely recommend) | Button Down: J.Crew Factory | Jeans: Banana Republic | Socks: Camp socks from J.Crew | Boots: L.L. Bean 8 inch brown on brown | Daily Jewelry: see post here |

How to Dress for Winter in the South

Other favorites for layering!

How do you dress for winter in your area?
And happy second snow day here at Furman!


  1. Although I'm at a school more southern than my hometown, it's actually a lot colder here than at home because we're in the Blue Ridge Mountains! Like you, I'm all about layering!

  2. Super cute as always, Dorothy!


  3. Love your Barbour! I think you've just convinced me that I need one!

    xx Ally

  4. I love your outfit! I live in leggings, boots, and my big Canada Goose coat in the winter!

  5. From November 'til March this is my go-to outfit! I love how easy it is to throw on but still looks put together!

    The Life & Times of Belle

  6. You outfit is adorable as always! I have been wanting a Barbour jacket, and I definitely just fell in love with yours. My dress code at work only allows for jeans on Fridays, but I do wear my bean boots and camp socks quite a bit to work!

    XX, SS ||

  7. Layering is the best! It not only keeps you warm, it's cute, too! Love the gingham and sweater combo!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  8. I have been searching everywhere for one of those J Crew vests! They are sold out at J Crew, and I really would love to get one! Any ideas as to where I could find one? Thanks so much and I love your blog!!

  9. I love your outfit!! I'm so jealous you can wear Barbour in February, NYC is just too cold for that!


  10. Layering is seriously all I do in the winter, it just is too cold not to.



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