Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How To Make A Car Ride Go By Quicker

Traveling to and fro from home to school is not a short drive. In reality it is about an eight hour drive where I loose or gain an hour depending on the direction I am heading. Eight hours is quite a hike and can go by rather slowly if I do not properly prepare for it! 

For starters, plenty of sleep the night before is an absolute must but how can you make it go faster during the trip? Here are my tips!

*If you use tip number 4 please pay attention to the road too!

PS How do you like this new graphic style? I am trying to switch things up and would love to hear your response!


  1. I swear by listening to audio books on the road. They helped me so much when I drove from Ohio to New Mexico and back again. That was 40 hours in the car!


  2. Great advice! I also listen to music and end up falling asleep; time goes by super quick when I do that!


  3. Love the new graphic style - its great!

    every day southern

  4. I just started using audible to listen to an audiobook on the way to uni each day - it's only a half hour drive but I've been driving it every weekday for 3 years now so I've gotten a tad bored of it - I'm looking forward to using an audiobook to help make the drive more exciting!

    The Life & Times of Belle

  5. Audio books definitely help! My fiance and I like to listen to Howard Sten when we take long trips to keep us entertained.

    Ashley, Married to the Game


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