Friday, September 15, 2023

Wedding Wednesday: My Bachelorette Tablescape

 I’m playing catch up on my bachelorette recap and am finally getting around to sharing one of my favorite parts I got to be involved in, the tablescape for our dinner in on Friday night!

When talking with my maid and matron of honor, it became clear to us that since guests would be arriving at the house at different times, cooking a meal at the house on Friday night may be our best option! As soon as that was decided, I asked their permission to be in charge of setting the table since I miss getting to set up fun tablescapes after my days as a photo stylist. Fortunately, they were happy to let me!

I knew I’d want to play into our colors of the weekend, blues and greens while using some items I already own. Originally, I had set up the table on the screen porch, but since the weekend of my bachelorette happened to be during a heat wave, we made the call that it would be more comfortable to eat inside. That should explain why some photos show things outside versus inside. 

I already had the melamine bamboo dinner plates (available here too) that I figured would be a great starting point and easy to rinse off and throw in the dishwasher after dinner, so that was where I began with my planning. The “placemats” are rug remnants our rug vendor for Hibiscus House, English Village Lane, made and let us use in the showroom that was going to be an easy neutral to incorporate as well. Beyond that, I kept coming back to our color palette to put everything together, and have included what else was used below!


Tablecloth from Julia Amory

I love all of Julia Amory’s pretty tabletop (and now apparel offerings)! I used quite a few of her patterns for different work shoots over the years and even have one of her green and white tablecloths acting as the skirting to my skirted table in my living room. This blue and white pattern is no longer available, but the scale of the print made it a subtle statement that worked well with the other items I selected to use. 

Rechargeable Tabletop Lamp Covers from Amanda Lindroth

My future mother-in-law was one of the first people I know to have the now very popular rechargeable tabletop lamps. She’s had them at the lakehouse for quite some time, and I have since gifted some to my mom and ordered a pair from Amazon for myself. At market, in July I saw that Amanda Lindroth launched fabric lamp shades that fit these rechargeable lamps, and I stalked their website until they were finally live! At $19 I immediately bought two, and they couldn’t be cuter. I also love this pair shipping in October.

Monogrammed Napkins from Euclid Home


Y’all heard me rave about Euclid Home in this post talking about our theme, and I could go on and on again about the monogrammed dinner napkins she did for us. Since the everyday and formal china I registered for is full of blue hues, I thought it would be nice to have cloth napkins that worked with both. I selected two different thread colors, Lapis Blue and Powder Blue, to be monogrammed in her Square Monogram with what will be my married initials. They turned out beautifully, and now I’ve already volunteered to host my girlfriends for Friendsgiving so that I have an excuse to use these and the napkin rings (more on those below) stat! 

Magnolia Napkin Rings from Southern Tribute


I first discovered Southern Tribute when pulling pieces for a Southern Lady Magazine fall shoot a few years back. I fell in love with the tortoise design offered on the napkin rings and was thrilled to reconnect with Melissa recently! She’s an amazing connector of people and has built a beautiful business of iconic napkin rings, match strikes, boxes, and more. If you read Wednesday’s post, you may have read a bit about my love of magnolia trees and the way we incorporated them into our save the date, so when selecting which ones to use for my table, this felt like a natural fit. While I adore the tortoiseshell acrylic, I opted for clear for these just for versatility's sake. They made such a pretty statement on the table and complemented my monogrammed napkins well, but would also look just as great with plain or patterned linen! Also, the gift boxes these come in are just as much a work of art and make gifting so easy. Consider your hostess gift shopping for Thanksgiving and Christmas complete with a set or two of these napkin rings in the motif that best matches your hostess! 

Stemless Wine Glasses from Estelle Colored Glass


Nell started my Estelle Wine Glass collection a few years back for Christmas and my birthday, and I’ve been adding to my blue stemless set ever since. Hunter’s mom has a beautiful set of green stemless glasses at the lake that I knew would look great with the colors we were embracing for the tablescape. 

Pool Floats from Amazon

Since we were going to be at the lake, I wanted to gift each attendee a pool float to use, but once I found these that matched our color scheme decided to use them as a backdrop for our tablescape Friday night. I hung them up using fishing lines and thumbtacks and thought it made for a cute added touch!

I used vases I already had and got a variety of flowers from Trader Joe’s that I used for the centerpieces. Something to keep in mind with centerpieces for a tablescape is to keep them low enough so that guests can see over them to chat with one another! I’m sure y’all will be seeing many of these items again in tablescapes soon, and I can’t wait to continue to use them time and time again.


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