Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Wedding Wednesday: My Best Wedding Planning Tip

We’re officially halfway through our engagement, and I finally had my first wedding planning panic last week. Overall, planning has gone pretty smoothly, and I was feeling great about save the dates going out immediately following Hunter’s sister’s wedding, but when my planner encouraged us to go ahead and order formal invitations, I looked at my calendar with no time to go to Fairhope in the coming weeks and panicked. Fortunately, my mom came to Birmingham on Sunday and we were able to get an appointment to discuss invitations on Monday morning. We’re waiting on the proof before giving the ok to have them printed but being able to do that together in person with how many decisions there are was crucial! I think my mom and I both feel better about having that knocked out in plenty of time to get them in the mail by our ideal date.

Hopefully, it will be somewhat smooth sailing from here! I know that may be wishful thinking but I’m doing my best to keep everything in perspective. Design to-dos are next and I have a feeling I will really enjoy that although keeping all of my big ideas on budget and cohesive is what may be a challenge. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to have a pretty wedding and my best wedding planning tip seems to fit that phrasing since I’m not the first person to recommend it and certainly didn’t come up with the idea.

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 After you get engaged and are starting to think about planning your wedding and reaching out to vendors, the best advice I can give you is to make a separate email account specific to your wedding and wedding planning. It sounds as simple as it is! Beyond just staying organized and making sure that email outreach to a vendor for a quote or a contract that needs signing isn’t overlooked it’s amazing that it’s separate from my personal or work email and I can check it when I’m in the planning headspace.

I used Gmail to set mine up and have filtered any and everything wedding related through it. Once we decided on vendors I made folders for each and am so glad that their pricing lists, contracts, and other correspondence aren’t getting confused with every online brand’s sales emails. I’d consider myself to be a pretty organized person, but emails (and my car) are where I allow things to be a bit messier in my life and this has helped tremendously. Even now as my maid and matron of honor are organizing details for my bachelorette (which I can not wait to share with y’all) I’m making them send any details they may want my help with through there too which feels formal but is how I know I won’t miss something important. My dad is emailing our dance suggestions there too so I’ve got everyone trained on the importance of that separate email, haha! 

Since I’m not through the entire planning process at this point I can’t say with absolute certainty that this is the very best tip I’ll have when it comes to planning your wedding, but I’m confident that it will relieve some stress just to have all the details in the same place when you need them! If y’all have any other easy and “life-changing” tips like this for the next four months of planning I am all ears. 



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