Sunday, June 4, 2023

Sunday Shopping vol. 99

 Happy Sunday! This weekend was our first no plan, in-town weekend in what feels like a month. It felt good to stay put for a weekend and decide what we wanted to do based solely on what we were in the mood to do as opposed to what we had confirmed an invitation for. The next couple of weeks will be a lot of fun with two weddings on the horizon so we opted to go out to dinner and play Scrabble on Friday night and enjoy the farmer's market and cook in on Saturday night. Down time also gave me ample time to browse my favorite online retailers to put together what may be my favorite Sunday Shopping post yet!

I just ordered this dress for a wedding in August (use the code YOURULE for 20% off!) and am so tempted to order this top as well. I have no doubt that this dress will sell out and have had my eye on a bag of this style! You can shop all of the items using the links beneath the image! 


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