Wednesday, March 15, 2023

The Proposal

When I asked y’all a few weeks ago for questions for me to answer in a blog post, pretty much every question was asking about the proposal or asking if I’d share details regarding how Hunter proposed. Since so many questions were about that I figured I needed to do a post dedicated to that day, and although it took the back burner to some wedding planning, I’m happy to finally be sharing it with you here!

If you don’t follow along on Instagram, then surprise, we’re engaged! I shared how we met in this blog post. Hopefully, by writing this post somewhat close to when it happened most of the details will be well accounted for, which I know will be really fun to look back on!

Despite having been in Fairhope twice already this year to visit my baby niece, we decided to go back down to celebrate Mardi Gras with friends similar to last year. We arrived in town on Thursday night and my parents were leaving town the following morning for a trip they had planned. I later came to find out that Hunter went and picked up the ring from Mobile on Friday disguising the time as a business meeting, work clothes, and all. On Friday night we went to a parade that my friend, Macy, was riding in and went to the Mardi Gras ball directly following the parade that evening. With a weekend packed full of events we didn’t stay too late but it was there that Hunter’s plan started to take place with Macy and her husband, Drew, and Hunter all talking about some breakfast plans I had no part in making. This was a bit out of the ordinary since usually Macy and I are scheming and filling the boys in later, but we left with specific instructions to be at Macy’s parent’s house for breakfast in the morning before a party we were all going to in Mobile. I tried to argue the plans given that it meant driving in the opposite direction at an even earlier hour than already planned!



My alarm went off sooner than I wanted it to on Saturday morning and Hunter came in eager and surprisingly awake asking if I wanted him to go get us coffee from my favorite coffee shop in Fairhope before we went to breakfast. I wasn’t going to turn that offer down despite having just stocked up on coffee and creamer for the house the day before and that Coffee Loft would’ve been on our way to Macy’s parent’s house. While he was gone I started getting ready since I knew we’d be gone from the house all day and had plans to go to another Mardi Gras party and then to parades in Mobile with some of my friends in town. We were both dressed and ready and on the way to the still somewhat suspicious breakfast plans by 8:30 but I had a better attitude now with my favorite coffee in hand!

When we arrived at Macy’s childhood home she was in her car grabbing something and told us that her parents were running slightly behind making the meal and Hunter suggested we walk to the bay in the meantime. Macy’s parents live on Mobile Bay and the weather could not have been more beautiful so I agreed thinking Macy was going to walk that way with us. She peeled off and I stopped suggesting we wait on her but she insisted we go on without her. 

We were only about halfway to the bay when Hunter turned to me and said “I have a confession.” Apparently, my response was somewhat jokingly to ask, “oh gosh, what did you do?” He then told me that he had lied and was not meeting a coworker in Mobile on Friday and instead had been to visit the jeweler to pick up the ring whose box he was now holding in his hand. From there he got on one knee, asked if I’d marry him, and gave me the ring! He claims I interrupted the extra five minutes he had of his spiel (sure…) to have him put the ring on, oops! We hugged, I spotted Macy taking photos, and we were quickly handed goblets and champagne to celebrate. We were able to get quite a few pictures and I was able to take in the ring before heading into Macy’s parent’s house to continue the celebrations over a delicious breakfast! So as it turns out, the breakfast plans were real!

While eating breakfast Hunter realized he had forgotten his wallet at my parent’s house, so once we left there we dropped by my parent’s house which gave us some time to call our families, both of which were very excited! I was also able to FaceTime my friend Nell who we had planned to meet up with later in the day to let her know and see if she had any ideas of how to surprise our friends in town that were staying with her with the exciting news. We made a few more phone calls on our way to Mobile for the morning barn party and were able to soak in the excitement! 

The party we went to that morning felt especially celebratory given our occasion and it was fun to be able to share the news with some friends we ran into there before meeting up with Nell and some of my friends for the day parade. With Nell being clued in we did our best to act normal until my roommate, Rebecca, spotted my finger and caught on to what had happened! Our other friends were at first confused over her excitement but then joined in. We got some more pictures and then watched the second half of the parade as it went by!

We had some time to kill before our dinner reservations and the night parade and went to a bar for drinks in the meantime. The weather really couldn’t have been better for Mardi Gras as a whole and the added excitement of getting engaged made it that much more fun! At dinner, Hunter surprised us with a bottle of prosecco to toast with and enjoy before we made our way to where we were going to watch the night parade. The night ended with king cake at Nell’s house before we made our way back to Fairhope after the most exciting day! While we would’ve loved to have our families there to celebrate with us right after it made the celebrations continue in the past couple of weeks which has been a sweet way to get to continue the excitement!

I’m going to start working on some sort of wedding series to share with y’all here since many of the other questions asked were in regard to that! We’ve made some good headway that I’ll hopefully share with y’all next week in a series more than likely called Wedding Wednesdays because we know I love a structured time to post things and an alliteration, so stay tuned for that and if there’s anything specific you’d like me to share in those do let me know. Thank you so much for sharing in our excitement!

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