Saturday, March 18, 2023

Saturday Shopping vol. 93

 Happy Saturday! So far I've spent the day working on some wedding planning and telling myself I need to organize all of my tax information for my CPA. Exciting, I know! It's a pretty day here so I think Winnie and I will go on a walk while Hunter golfs with some friends and see where the afternoon ends up taking us. I'm sure there will be a decent bit of basketball viewing thrown in despite my March madness bracket feeling shot already. I hope y'all have something fun lined up for the day.

It seems as though all of my Saturday Shopping posts as of late have been geared toward warmer weather. With no concrete travel plans in the next month or two I've been thinking ahead to a busy end of May and June and the outfits I'd love to be wearing to go with those plans. Maybe you have a place to wear these sooner or enjoy planning ahead too! Regardless of what you may be shopping for, links to the items shown can be found just beneath the image! 

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