Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Gift Guide: Mother and Mother-in-Law Christmas Gifts

When it rains, it pours in terms of blog posts, at least! I spent a good bit of last night finalizing my product pulls for the holiday gift guides I am hoping to share with y’all through the week, and I’ve got to say they are looking pretty good! I love giving gifts and do my best to come up with thoughtful ideas throughout the year, but sometimes I need a bit of help. I’m hoping to be that bit of help y’all may need when it comes to working through what may remain on your holiday shopping list. In the next few days, you’ll find guides for the recipients y’all have expressed as the hardest to shop for. I’ve done my best to vary prices and retailers so that there is truly something for everyone on each of the guides I create.

To kick off these gift guides, I started with the person who likely deserves something much bigger than can be unwrapped! I know moms can be hard to shop for, but over the years have homed in on the fact that the gifts my mom has loved best are the ones that are something practical but also a bit luxurious that she may not opt to spend money on herself. Since my mom loves all things blue and white (which is definitely where I get this love too), I stuck to that color scheme when pulling items, but many of the products come in a range of colors. Similar to moms, I know many people ponder what to get their mother-in-law for Christmas, and I think this list is perfectly suitable to shop for her too! For some of the bigger ticket items, it may be worth going in on with a sibling to give a gift that you know she’ll treasure! 

Keep scrolling below this image for the clickable version that will take you directly to shop each of the items shown.

 Keep scrolling below this image for the clickable version that will take you directly to shop each of the items shown.

If you’ve gone through this guide and aren’t quite finding the perfect something, I have two other posts containing gifts for mom that may be worth checking out! I’ve linked them below to make things especially easy on y’all. 

2020 Mom or Mother-in-Law Gift Guide

2021 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

To shop any of the items shown below click directly on the item you’re interested in to be directed to where to purchase! Stay tuned to my Instagram stories this afternoon for a few of my top picks. 


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