Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Step Into My Summer

 After an unexpected summer sabbatical that lasted a bit into fall, I’m excited to finally be posting here again. After years of successful multitasking between school and blogging and in the past few years, work and blogging, I think burnout finally caught up to me, and it was feeling like getting a post up was more of a chore than a hobby. I should have written a post about taking a little bit of time off, but if I did that, I knew I’d be tempted to set a return date which would have still made posting on here feel like a have-to instead of a want-to. Well, after a few months off, some big side gig responsibilities under wraps, and plenty of fun in-between I’m ready AND EXCITED to be back and posting. 

Realistically with work, helping at Hibiscus House, and keeping up with friends and socializing, I know I won’t be able to commit quite as much time to Prep In Your Step and likely won’t have five posts up a week like in the past. Instead, I’m going to aim for 2-3, and if I have time for more, then it’s an added bonus! I’m also going to make an effort to post more on my Instagram, so I hope to be sharing a lot more with y’all soon. 

So, since I missed quite a few Step Into My Week posts, I decided a Step Into My Summer was in order. While it won’t be nearly as descriptive as my weekly updates, I’d guess y’all are mainly just in it for the pictures, so hopefully, you won’t mind!

My job as a stylist kept me very busy this summer with location shoots pretty much every week. In the summer, we not only are shooting content for the following summer, but also making up any holes there may be for Christmas of the coming year. Setting up a Christmas tree in the Alabama heat in July falls very low on my list of things I love, but the summer ones were fun to work on! 


Most mornings started early with workouts at MPower. I’ve been loving their pilates classes and am almost to 100 classes. I wanted a change-up from what I was used to doing previously, and it has been a great workout although no matter how many classes I go to they always seem just as hard.

A lot of my free time lately has been spent helping out at the Hibiscus House showroom staging pieces and planning out social media. At the end of August, we hosted a big introductory event for designers, friends, and families in Birmingham, which was an undertaking. It was such a colorful and fun night that you can read more about it here

Thankfully the summer wasn’t all work and no play! There were many weekends spent at the lake, a trip to the beach with my family, friend visits and celebrations, and even a trip to Jacksonville, FL to visit my brother and sister-in-law before they moved. 


I can’t wait to keep y’all more updated with my day-to-day life soon! I hope you enjoyed this look at some of what I’ve been up to.

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