Friday, October 22, 2021

Affordable Fall Tops

 Happy Friday! This week didn’t feel like a long one until yesterday when I realized I still have another shoot tomorrow (today) and it felt like I had already done a full week's worth of work already. Fortunately, I am really looking forward to seeing how today’s shoot turns out, so even if it feels like the weekend should be here already I’m excited to style things today. 

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Getting dressed for work lately has been a bit of a challenge since my fall clothes didn’t make their way to Birmingham until last weekend when my parents came to visit. Although the coats won’t be getting much wear anytime soon, the fall tops I had designated to not be part of my summer wardrobe have been very missed. A lightweight top tends to be one of my closet staples this time of year as it starts to cool down but can still be hot in the afternoons. For all of you with a true fall, I’d guess that you still value easy throw on tops just as much but with a layering aspect added in! 

All of those thoughts inspired me to put together today’s blog post, which is full of cute (and mostly affordable) fall tops I’ve seen online lately and love. Target has been my go-to the past few seasons as they knock it out of the park with their clothing selections. You’ll see the shirt below included in the graphic I’ve created, but I wanted to show a picture of it on as well so you know it has my full recommendation! Paired with jeans and sneakers (as I typically do), these tops quickly and cutely complete an outfit! 

shop the whole outfit here

To shop this post you can click directly on the items in the image below OR use the links beneath the same image above. I hope this helps any of you who may be on the hunt for a few new pieces to throw into your wardrobe rotation! 


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