Wednesday, July 28, 2021

What I Purchased From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

As y’all have probably noticed, blogging has taken a bit of a backseat this summer. While that wasn’t intentional I have to remind myself that both socially and professionally the summer tends to be the busiest time of my year and despite all the fun content ideas I have in my head the time to execute on them isn’t always there. Because of that, I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to go about sharing the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with y’all this year. It probably feels to some that it’s overhyped, but as someone who uses it as an opportunity to stock up on the holes I’ve seen in my wardrobe over the past year, it’s one I get excited for! Buying basics isn’t always a ton of fun, so I was surprised when I got on Instagram and y’all said that you wanted to see what I purchased!  
I’ve done my best to summarize my thoughts on each of the items I ordered including sizing and whether or not I plan to keep or return them! Since today is the first day of public access for the sale, I’m sure things will be going in and out of stock. As returns are made the items become available again, so if there’s something you really want it’s worth checking on more than once! 

Size: Medium
Color: White & Grey
Overall Thoughts: I love the execution of this sweater, but definitely should have stuck to my normal size, small, on this one. The seam detailing on the front makes it feel different than basic sweaters I have in my closet and the short funnel neck is stylish but more comfortable to me than a turtle neck. I’m hoping to at least get one color of this sweater in a size small if any are still left in stock. 

Size: 26
Color: Helmsford Wash
Overall Thoughts: Madewell jeans are my favorite so it’s no surprise that I love and am keeping these. I have them in a few different washes now but somehow didn’t have a more traditional wash like this one in my closet. These are a staple for fall and winter! 

Size: 4
Color: Olive (but I kind of want to try Cognac too)
Overall Thoughts: It took getting a second opinion from a friend on these to determine that they are definitely worthy of keeping since they are a bit trendier than what I tend to gravitate toward. I love that now I have something other than just jeans to reach for in the fall and winter and think these would look especially cute paired with this shirt that’s on my wishlist. 

Size: US 6
Color: Tan
Overall Thoughts: This was my splurge of the sale and for Barbour was actually very affordable. I have a Spring Quilted Barbour as well as a waxed Barbour Beadnell and both get so much wear in my wardrobe. My waxed Barbour tends to be my go-to jacket and I’m hoping this will be able to be what I reach for when I need something dressier than that without wearing a peacoat. I am very impressed by the weight of it! 

Size: .50ct 
Color: Platinum
Overall Thoughts: I tend to wear pearls most days and after loving my Nordstrom CZ necklace so much (as in I’ve worn it every day since purchasing it in last year’s sale) I thought these were worth trying. They look real and the size of them is perfect on my small earlobes. 

Size: Medium
Color: Green
Overall Thoughts: I think I’ve finally found myself the perfect pair of workout shorts. I have that so many athletic shorts are so expensive and feel tight on my muscular thigs, so finding a loose across the butt and flowy on the legs pair feels like a miracle. I definitely should’ve stuck to my normal size, small, on these since the medium is much too big, but I’ll be ordering the correct size as soon as they come in stock even if that happens to be at full price! 

Size: Small
Color: White
Overall Thoughts: So this piece was canceled from my order meaning I don’t have much to say about it other than it looks like a great basic workout top! If I didn’t have something similar in black then I would consider ordering it in my size in that color.

Size: Medium
Color: White
Overall Thoughts: I plan to use this as a layering piece over workout tops in the fall when it’s not yet cold enough for a pullover but too cold for just a workout top. I love the cut of the piece and am impressed by how soft it is! I’ve never ordered something from this brand but would definitely try out some of their other pieces.

Size: Medium
Color: Every Color Offered
Overall Thoughts: I think this is my favorite purchase of the sale! I’m tired of feeling like I don’t have any shirts to wear with workout shorts and this just became my solution. It’s lightweight and oversized so I could have stuck to my normal size, but since I haven’t washed or dried them just yet I am glad to have the size I ordered. 

Size: Medium
Color: White
Overall Thoughts: I had hoped that this would be a little bit longer in the back so that it would be easy to throw on with leggings, but I think I’ll be returning it since it hits right at the hips. The thermal feel of it is really nice and I think it comes in a few colors! 

Size: 8.5
Color: Green
Overall Thoughts: I had wanted a pair of shoes to wear when going on walks and running errands so that maybe my actual workout shoes would have a longer life, and I had heard great things about On Clouds. I really like these and the color of them is cute! 

Size: 32 ounces
Color: Fog
Overall Thoughts: Similar to the tennis shoes above, this was a purchase to supplement an item I already own. This may be gross but I feel like I don’t wash my water bottle enough, so now that I have two maybe that can change! 

Size: Medium
Color: Black
Overall Thoughts: I like this for an elevated sweatshirt look, but I feel like it’s something I don’t really need so I plan to return it. The detailing on the sleeves is really cute as is the cowl neck, but I don’t wear a ton of black so I feel like I wouldn’t reach for it as much as I should if I purchased it.

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