Friday, July 16, 2021

My Most Used and Worn Purchases from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

 After scouring every page of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year, I was pleased to see some pieces I own and love included in this year’s product offerings. While I may not have been lucky enough to purchase all of these things on sale, maybe you’ll be able to get a deal on them! The pieces I’ve chosen to include in this post are all items included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that are some of my most worn and used purchases. If you’re looking to narrow down your cart and happen to see the need for any of these items in your life, they all come highly recommended by me! 

CZ Diamond Pendant

I had no idea when I purchased this during last year’s Nordstrom Anniversary sale that I would wear it nearly every day. I am kind of an off-and-on necklace wearer or at least have been in the past. After putting this piece on for the first time now I feel naked without it. I believe it says not to shower or workout in it to keep the material looking good as new, but I do both in mine and haven’t had any problems with the material turning. I may purchase a backup one during this year’s sale to have on hand just in case. One day I’d love to upgrade mine to the real deal, but for now, you truly can’t tell the difference! 

Dyson Cordless Vacuum

My parents gave me my Dyson Cordless Vacuum for Christmas and I was so thrilled I made them skip me the next time it came to be my turn to open a present because I wanted to set it up. Once you’ve used a cordless vacuum I imagine it would be hard to switch back, and this one does such an awesome job! It holds a charge long enough for me to vacuum the areas I need it to and is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Who knew as a mid-twenty-year-old I could become so passionate about a vacuum, but here we are! 

Madewell Jeans

I have a love-hate relationship with jeans. Finding pairs that fit my legs while also fitting my waist can be a challenge. After getting a pair from Madewell a few years ago they are practically all I wear now. I will definitely be ordering a pair or two from the sale in my most worn washes to give the ones I have a bit of a break.

Barbour Quilted Jacket

Although I was bummed that there weren’t any waxed Barbour jackets included in this year’s sale, I am glad that there are a few quilted ones available. I have a grey one released in a spring collection and get a lot of wear out of it in both the spring and the fall thanks to Alabama’s milder weather. The brown color of this one would be so pretty for fall! 

Marc Fisher Booties

I’ve purchased two different pairs of booties from past Anniversary Sales, and my Marc Fisher pair is my most reached for. The colors offered and pointed toe make them chic while also being versatile. I order a half size up from my typical shoe size in most booties! 

Longchamp Le Pliage Tote

I have loved Longhamp’s nylon totes since I was in 8th grade and my larger size one still gets a lot of use. Currently, it has been my workout bag if I’m going to a workout class after being in the office, but it’s also so easy to fold up and pack with you on a trip if you suspect you’ll need a versatile tote. The expandable version included in the sale looks like it would be awesome as a weekend tote too! 

Michele Watch

I wear my Michele watch practically daily and although the styles offered in the sale differ from what I own I have no doubt it would be a great everyday piece for anyone in the market! It’s a great price point for a high-quality and stylish watch.


I so wish I had never tried Olaplex’s products but now that I have there’s no turning back. There No. 3 product is an amazing leave-in product to revive my hair and I alternate the shampoo and conditioner with another set when my hair needs some help looking healthier! 

I’d love to know if there are any products you’ve seen in the sale that you own and love. 


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