Sunday, September 27, 2015

Step Into My Week

I'm a little late on this weeks Step Into My Week but better late than never, right? I'll use my excitement for parents weekend as my excuse! I'm still going to only include pictures from last Friday to this past Thursday to make sure next week's Step Into My Week has stuff to post! Next week will be my busiest yet of the semester and then the week after that is midterms so I'll need to stock up on K-cups and keep my fingers crossed that I get enough sleep to properly function. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes...

Last Friday night a sweet friend from home came to stay with me since she is interested in Furman! We ate a delicious dinner downtown, went to the soccer game, and then enjoyed a fun apartment movie night to kick off a relatively laid back weekend. The next morning we met up with her mom for breakfast at Tandem, a delicious crepe place near Furman, and then they headed back home.

My little and I went to the Indie Craft parade downtown and loved looking at all of the great stuff that vendors had set up. I left with some macaroons and a pretty handmade mug and both have been put to good use!

Saturday night I hung out with some friends after an afternoon of attempting to work on some homework. Sunday I did more homework and took photos of some of our chapter members for our chapter's website (my super cute models made it easy peasy). Being on our executive council for PR has shown me just how much I adore that field, taking photos, and publishing content on social media! Here are a few of my favorite photos from each separate shoot! 


Then Monday morning I finally got to go to field work. For those of you who don't know, I am an Elementary Education major and at Furman for each education class you have you have 20 hours of field work in a classroom at a local school. I am in two education classes so I'll be spending many mornings with some kiddos to gain a better understanding of day to day school activities, this is by far my favorite part of my education classes. Monday I was with second graders and Tuesday I was with kindergarteners and both days were such a blast despite the early alarms I had set. Here is a look at what I wore from my instagram @prepinyourstep.

shirt // shoes // bag (my favorite tote ) // bracelets (1, 2) // watch

If you haven't already seen, I published a post last week all about my agenda organization and even included a video. If you're interested in seeing how I keep my life days on track then go check out that post here

How cute is this tray!? I adore it and the artist behind it even lives in Greenville! It is the perfect pop of color on my shelf and you can get your own matching one here

Wednesday was a busy one from a KD PR standpoint. Our chapter hosted yoga with Southern Pressed Juicery on campus to celebrate International Women's Friendship month and I took a bunch of photos from that event and then afterwards I went straight over to another chapter's philanthropy event before my night class. While it was busy I definitely enjoyed being able to work on our event and then relax and enjoy another chapter's event. 

 Our apartment LOVES Trader Joes and we LOVE fall so one afternoon pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes sounded like the perfect snack. We all took a break from homework for a bit and baked the pancakes together while catching up on life!

And lastly, a quick reminder that my giveaway ends today! Go to this post to find out how to win! The winners will be emailed tonight! 



  1. Those photos of you with your sorority sisters are great! I'm sure you'll hold onto those for a long time:)


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