Friday, September 11, 2015

Step Into My Week

Y'all, it is FINALLY Friday! For being a short week it felt far too long! After coming home from our big sorority event on Tuesday night I told my roommate that it felt like the next day could be Friday and we even had Monday off! Needless to say I am pretty thrilled that the weekend has finally arrived! 

A long weekend was exactly what I needed to get all of my homework done but somehow I still feel behind with readings. Hopefully I can knock that feeling away this weekend and go into the next week feeling fully prepared and finally get into a routine (it will be week 4 after all). Friday afternoon I had a bit of lazy time and worked on some homework before hanging out with friends. There were 2 fun parties going on that night so my friends and I decided to go to one and then the other but were still all happily in bed by 12:30!

Saturday was our first home football game! It wasn't until that night so we use hung around, watched Netflix, and did some work until getting ready for the game. I headed to some other friends apartments before hand and then we all made our way to the tailgates to hang out with everyone before the game. Admittedly, I didn't even go into the game which was ok with me since I was able to come back and see the second half of the Alabama game before going to bed. 

Sunday and Monday were pretty low key as well which was exactly what I needed as I prepared for the week ahead. We did make the most amazing cinnamon rolls from Trader Joes on Sunday though and they definitely rival my long time fav, Pillsbury. 

I also made some of my favorite iced sugar cookies to take to KD Quesadilla (our big sorority philanthropy event) that happened on Tuesday. Baking is so therapeutic to me so I of course loved every minute of that despite the fact that cleanup is a bit of a pain without a dish washer (currently taking applications if any of y'all are interested, kidding!). 

Like I mentioned, Tuesday was KD Quesadilla which went better than I ever could have imagined. I am Kappa Delta's Vice President of Public Relations so all of the advertising and publicity fell onto my plate and with over 480 attendees I'd like to think I did a pretty decent job! You can read more about that and see pictures here

The rest of this week involved a lot of homework and follow up KDQ activities as I am assuming this weekend will as well! I definitely want to get back into a routine of getting great content up on the blog as well as tackle my email inbox which has been spiraling out of control and deserves some attention!

I have some exciting things planned for the blog so I can't express how grateful I am that y'all are all folioing along! If you didn't see my apartment closet tour and desk tour then be sure to go and watch those! I am still amazed by how many of you love watching videos so I hope to continue those for you throughout this year! 


  1. those iced sugar cookies look so good! looks like you had a great time !

  2. Any chance you're going to the Furman game at UCF next weekend? Would love a chance to bump into you!!

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