Friday, July 24, 2015

By Choice Summer Reading

This summer one of the things I was most excited about was having time to read for pleasure. In summers past I have been working at camp and it was a rarity for me to stay up any later than my campers lights out to read for pleasure. We are talking asleep by 9:30 to wake up early and begin another eventful day at camp. Well, this summer since I've been home I had this idea that I was going to get through a whole slew of books on my "to read" note on my phone and while I have read some I haven't gotten through nearly as many as I would have wished. Between nannying and devoting tons of times towards blogging allowing myself down time to dive into a good book was kind of pushed onto the back burner. I hate that I've done that to myself especially since pleasure reading is nearly impossible come the start of school. 

I have discovered however, that light reads that I can pick up and put down without feeling like I've missed parts of the story are the books I am most likely to pick up during the summer time. While not quite all of the books I've read this summer adhere to that light and fresh summer read category the majority of them do and have been fun to add to my bookshelf. Since I am always on the lookout for new book suggestions and seem to constantly be hounding begging y'all for suggestions (since my list isn't already long enough) I thought it could be fun for me to share the books I've read and have left on my list for this summer. Think of this as my own version of Summer Reading but definitely done by choice (a great perk of college). 

Go ahead, add any of these to your beach or pool bag but before you do so leave your book recommendations below! 


  1. The Knockoff looks really good! Thank you for all the really great suggestions; I'm a total bookworm during the summer!


  2. I can't wait to get Harper Lee's book! Crazy Rich Asians looks interesting too!

    Ane | Basque Prep

  3. I've heard that The Vacationers is really good! And I can't wait to read Harper Lee's book! I'm a little afraid to see Atticus painted in such a different light though.

  4. These look awesome! I haven't read any of these. I can just add them all into my reading wish list.

    Vanessa│Meili Journey

  5. I am reading go set a watchman and I am loving it!!

  6. I just started "Go Set A Watchman" and it is sooo good so far!


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