Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Apartment Decor with American Made Dorm

With many soon to be college freshman eager to begin designing and decorating their dorms I just couldn't help but feel enthusiastic about updating my bedding. As many of y'all know, the past 2 years I have lived in on campus dorms in which I used the same bedding both years mixing up a few pieces so there was just enough difference between the two spaces to feel as though I hadn't been living in the same room for the past 2 years. This year I am living in an on campus apartment (at Furman you can live on campus all four years) where I will have my own bedroom (with a larger bed) giving me the perfect excuse to redecorate. Although I have hinted here and there (here being instagram and there being snapchat) I haven't really revealed the direction I plan to go with my apartment which I wanted to do in this post!

Something about interior deign gets me absolutely giddy and my brainstorming thus far has already led to a few different purchases and many projects to complete prior to move in on the 23rd of August. Drum roll please… my bedroom for the coming year will be navy, light blue, and white a perfectly crisp color combination if you ask me. I have been all too tempted to purchase any and all accessories that match this color scheme but surprisingly enough my practicality is telling me to get the basics before accessorizing. Personally, fabrics, bedding, and pillows are my basics and what I've collected thus far. Last year I had the most gorgeous monogrammed euro sham with turquoise cording and I knew that whatever I decided to do this year I definitely wanted to get another one (or in this years case, two) to use on my bed. I am the type of person who is happiest when I have an extraordinarily ridiculous amount of pillows on my bed and I don't plan for my apartment bedroom to have anything less than one too many pillows! 

Ok, so back to the monogrammed shams. I love the simplicity and elegance that a euro sham gives to a space but I also love how modern a space can look by choosing euro shams that coordinate but don't exactly match your bedding. That is what I chose to do this year with this American Made Dorm sham (last talked about here) with navy cording and a diamond block monogram. I love the unique monogram styles that the company offers (although the classics are available as well) and I can say from experience that this material is great quality and wears well! With two identical euro shams to coordinate with the bedding I chose I opted for a fun patterned headboard and bolster pillow fabric.

The cornflower and navy ikat fabric is what I am using on my headboard (which I will be making again) and the light blue and navy cheetah print fabric is what my mom and I are making a pillowcase out of for a body pillow. I am thrilled to get these projects started as I know that the more pieces I've accumulated the more it will feel like a fully put together room. I figured with a more classic color combination that it would be exciting to play around with prints and I can not wait to see the final product and share it with y'all. 

Here is another pillow I snagged to use on my bed in front of the euro shams. I am hoping to get a few more decorative pillows to angle across my bed in various prints to add to my rooms decor. Below I have included a bit of inspiration of course including the shams and bedding that my room will be centered around! 

I can't wait to share more apartment inspiration and updates with you soon but in the meantime be sure to check out all that American Made Dorm has to offer!

PS today kicks off Prime Day where Amazon is hosting a plethora of sales with more deals than black Friday so there are plenty of steals to score by shopping the sale


  1. Those monogram shams are so gorgeous. I love the colors you picked for your room, so chic!


  2. I love the comforter and the pillow!! Those colors are perfect!

  3. You're right, that is such a crisp color scheme! I especially love the zebra pillow!

  4. Love your color scheme for your apartment!


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  6. Where did you get the fabric for your headboard?

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