Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break New York City Trip | Day One

I am sure at this point y'all were all convinced that I was through with blogging for good. That is most definitely not the case but my consistency in the following weeks may be a bit rocky. I haven't had a "down" week this semester and have been going non-stop with school and everything else in my life! I have so much I want to say but finding the time to make posts about it has been nearly impossible and responding to emails has been just as neglected and I sincerely apologize!

Moving On…

As some of you may know if you follow me on twitter or instagram I went to New York City for the first part of Spring Break with some of my friends! We had an absolute blast and were able to do so much during our time there. This week you will be seeing daily picture posts about my experience along with the itinerary we used (that I labored over for such a long time) in order to make the most out of our trip!

We started out our first morning with a trip to see the Statue of Liberty and we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather! It was comfortable enough for us to sit outside on the top deck of the boat and the sun was shining all day long! I personally had never seen the Statue of Liberty in real life so I am so glad we got to see it up close in person. (Obviously pictures were taken in extreme multitudes!)

(If college doesn't work out maybe I'll become a photographer! It helps that the weather was extremely suitable!)

We grabbed a bite to eat in Little Italy prior to enjoying some shopping in SoHo. I have no idea the name of the restaurant we ate at but it was absolutely delicious and the weather was so nice that we were able to enjoy our meal outside!

After shopping away the afternoon and enjoying dinner at Junior's we saw Cinderella on Broadway. The show was amazing and the costume changes were even better. Tons of notable people were in the performance and in my eyes it ranks up there with Wicked!

Here was our Itinerary for the day!

·      Eat Breakfast in the Apartment
·      Take Subway to Statue of Liberty 
·      Statue of Liberty First Tour is at 9:00 AM
·      Little Italy for Lunch
·      Shopping in SoHo
·      Dinner at Juniors
                        West 45th Street (between Broadway & 8th)     
·      Cinderella @ 8:00 - arrive at theater around 7:15
·      Times Square after Cinderella
·      Return to Apartment

Our days were packed full of fun and I am so excited to share the rest of my amazing adventure with y'all!


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