Monday, March 31, 2014

Perfect Spring Formal Frocks

It is formal season everyone! Every weekend from now until the end of the school year has some sort of formal going on here at Furman! My formal was last weekend and I will have more pictures and details from that up tomorrow but for now it's all about the most important part (aside from finding a date, so stressful), the dress!

At Furman for formals girls do either short or long dresses depending on their preference but I am definitely saving my long dresses for winter formals and breaking out those fun spring colors now! I noticed at formal that not everyone's dresses were the dressiest but it truly is all about your preference!

Below I have included some great dress options that you can rent or buy!

(Renting dresses from Rent the Runway is far more popular than I would have guessed! Just keep in mind that if the dress you are hoping to rent costs more than a new dress then just get a new dress that you can keep!)

middle left (on sale now) | middle middle (in red and in blue) | middle right

bottom left | bottom middle (have this in black and it looks killer on) | bottom left

I've also been told that if you use a link from someone who already has an account with Rent the Runway then you can get $20 off your first rental which is awesome! Here is a link and I hope it works!

PS | My formal dress is one of the ones in the above image! Which one do you think it is?

Check back tomorrow to find out!


  1. I wanna say it's the blue one shoulder lilly or the white and green strapless one! All of the options are adorable, though!

  2. Love the green strapless dress! Check out the latest post on my blog for tips on dealing with stress!

  3. I'm guessing the pink one! They are all such cute options. Thank you for the link! I'm considering renting a dress for prom and they have a ton of options!
    - Victoria


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