Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

A few weekends ago a couple of my friends and I decided to get in the holiday spirit and enjoy some the Christmas-y things we can do while at school in Greenville, SC. We discovered a place called Roper Mountain Christmas Lights and drove over to enjoy them! It was cool because you could get out and walk through some of them and then hop in the car and enjoy a drive experiencing tons of Christmas lights!

We got out and explored (and snacked) first and then drove through the lights twice! Here are some of the pictures that were taken while there. The first few photos are a little weird and artistic because I forgot to change my camera's setting prior to our outing!

Nell and I enjoyed roasting marshmallows and making smores before adventuring through the lights!

And our wonderful photographer decided to take many close up photos of us enjoying our smores.

Literally, Walking in a winter wonderland!

What is an outing like this without an instagram worthy shot, here you can see the lighted tunnel archway and the fun trees and igloo.

My roommate and I (blonde one above, y'all probably all made that connection) surprised our friend Caroline (brunette on the right, that connection was probably made too) by having a good friend of hers from Clemson who she went on a mission trip with to Isreal come surprise her and join our adventure. She was ecstatic and we were glad to have a photographer!

Here is a photo of the four of us before heading through the driving portion!

The sign behind us said winter wonderland and there were funny signs like that all throughout the place! 

And what is a post like this without some bloopers? 
Phone or camera, which to look at?

Go figure that I am talking!

I promise this isn't a selfie, instead I was trying to claim my camera back however I was caught in the act.

My Outfit: Jeans (Banana Republic), Sweater (Forever 21), Vest (J.Crew), Scarf (local boutique), Bag (Longchamp, large, navy), Socks (J.Crew), Shoes (Bean Boots).

Nell's Outfit: Green Jeans (local boutique), Sweater (Gap), Vest (J.Crew), Boots (Bean Boots), Bag (Longchamp, medium, navy)

Caroline's Outfit: Black Jeans, Shirt (J.Crew), Vest (c/o my closet, Vineyard Vines), Plaid Scarf, Glasses (Kate Spade, woohoo for Caroline getting glasses and they look adorable on her)

Will's Outfit: NO IDEA

Have y'all done anything like this to put you in the holiday spirit?


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