Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Exam Week Tips

It is here, the week has come that everyone dreads all semester, finals. Many of my friends are in the midst of their finals week so I thought this post would be timely. My first exam is on Friday and then I finish up the following Tuesday.

While I have never taken college finals, my experience comes from my high school course exams as well as AP exams and these are the tips that work best for me!

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Exam Week Tips

1. Coffee and Sleep are Essential:

For those of you who don't drink coffee props to you and for those of you who claim you don't like it then you need to go try Starbucks Peppermint Mocha! While I am not like most and don't drink coffee daily, I do find that it helps me focus when I am studying or tired. Speaking of tired, get enough rest! Here at Furman we have "study days" prior to exams which is super nice but be sure to utilize the time you have in the proper way so that you are not forced to stay up late.

2. Be Sure to Ask the Teacher Questions:

Why not ask the teacher questions when they are the one creating your exam! It is a no brainer, if you are confused shoot them an email or go in to see them, my guess is that they will appreciate your effort and clarify things better than google would.

3. Make Flashcards:

I personally find flashcards essential to studying. Not only does it force me to rewrite my notes but they are also a way for me to quiz myself in more than one way. If you are totally against writing flashcards out then try an online site like Study Blue!

4. Don't Procrastinate: 

This just makes you feel like you have a whole lot to do but not a lot of time to do it in! Cut out distractions so that procrastinating will be less tempting!

5. Keep your Study Space Clean and Organized:

It is harder to get tasks accomplished quickly when your surrounding space is cluttered and messy. Before you even start studying be sure to clean up the surrounding area!

6. Take Adequate Study Breaks:

It is proven that studying for long periods of time is not effective unless you break up your studying. If you are looking for some ideas on how to spend a study break wisely check out this post

7. Be Sure to Study Solo BEFORE Studying with a Group:

You are not helping yourself or a group if you show up to a group study time without having previously studying. I personally am a lot better at studying solo than with a group because groups tend to get less accomplished in a longer amount of time. If this is the case for you as well then study on your own and once you are more prepared then join a group setting.

8. Remove Distractions: 

This goes along with not procrastinating but by removing distractions you are less likely to procrastinate! Look into getting the app Self Control, it is a lifesaver at keeping you on task. Also, don't be afraid to completely shut off your fun while studying or leave it in a different room, chances are you will get a whole lot more completed without answering text messages while studying. 

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What are your exam studying tips?

Good Luck!


  1. excellent tips, coming from a college senior. :) These have been my saving grace since senior year of high school.

  2. Great tips! I just did a post just like this yesterday and it's getting me in the studying mindset. Though I'm still not looking forward to exams.


  3. This are excellent tips, Dorothy! I am actually reading this post during one of my study breaks! Studying is definitely exhausting, but getting through the exams are so fulfilling! :-)
    Good luck!

  4. This blog would be a nice help for all the students.


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