Friday, October 18, 2013

Parents Weekend Picture Recap

Parents weekend was two weeks ago and it was so nice to have my parents in town! They got to Greenville on Thursday night so of course I seized the opportunity to join them for dinner that night. I am used to being away from my family since I have worked at camp but it is always so nice to be back together again!

Friday night instead of all going out to a restaurant we (with our parents) went to my friend Anna's house (she is a Greenville native) for a cookout. We all had a blast and it was so fun to meet my friends parents!

 Saturday morning I went to breakfast with my parents and then it was game time. We tailgated and then headed into the extremely hot game.

Caroline and I.

Dad even dressed in his purple to support the Paladins!

Obligatory parents weekend pic with the parents!

My sweet roommate, Nell!

Room mate photo again.

We were all dying at this point. It was far too hot to be October in South Carolina!

And leave it to dad to ruin a picture!

My friends and I all took our Eno Hammocks (thanks mom and dad!) out on Sunday afternoon and enjoyed doing some homework by the lake.

And we only had one fall!

Just call me mother goose!

It is finally starting to feel like fall here and I am loving all the changing leaves!


  1. I love Parents Weekend, it's always fun to hang out with your parents at school. I'm jealous that you're getting fall, I go to school in PA & it's so hot still! Crazy weather!


  2. What kind of ENO is that? I love that color. Where did you get it?

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  4. Love the skinny jeans and sandals look!


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