Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dorm It Yourself: Storage Ottoman Recover

Around my house it has been dorm projects for days! It seems that lately, as college approaches, that every afternoon has been a crafternoon.

Storage is an important aspect of a college dorm and what better way to get it when combining it with seating!

Storage Ottomans have become increasingly popular with college bound girls and Target has a great selection of colors that are sure to coordinate with any room at a very low price. I decided to spruce mine up a bit by recovering the lid in order to make it a little more personal and accent my room a little bit better.

DIY: Recovered Storage Ottoman

Supplies Needed:

Target Storage Ottoman | Fabric of Choice | Staple gun (electric if possible) | Iron & Ironing board (these will be your best friend) | Scissors | Optional: Pins

How to:

1. Gather supplies

2. Iron creases out of your fabric, we ironed our fabric pretty side down just to be sure that we didn't stain our fabric.

3. Next, cut your fabric. While I don't have specific fabric sizes, the best way to judge where to cut your fabric is to pull it to the black lining of the lid and add about 1/2 an inch to that so that you can fold the fabric in order to have a nice looking seam. In order to have the appearance of  nice seams, iron your fabric on the edges leaving a crease to ensure that it stays put.

4. Start stapling the fabric to the lid. The best way to approach this is by beginning on a side. If you have a patterned fabric this will allow you to make sure that the pattern is in a place that is suitable to you. Work your way around making an L each time you switch sides (don't go from top to bottom instead go from one side to another in the shape on an L). After you have done two parts then work on the corner. You can do the corners however you like, its easiest if you fold it like a present. Once you do the same thing on the other sides then TA DA you have yourself a precious and personal storage ottoman!

Only 4 days until I move in!
Let me know if you try this and what you think of them! 


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