Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to School Prep: Binders

An essential for anyone in school in order to stay organized is a binder! I am a big fan of binders and I usually purchase one for each of my classes and I base how big the binder is based on how many notes I tend to take. Read all about how I like to organize my binders here!

Below shows some pretty, preppy binders that are adorned with monograms and will make note taking more appealing.

Back to School Prep: Binders

I found all of these binders and binder covers from etsy so if you would like to see exactly where on etsy they can be found then click on the polyvore image above and then click the product you want to be taken to the site it came from!

Another awesome option besides these lovely binders is purchasing a typical binder from target, walmart, or staples and printing a cute binder cover (I talked about that here) or purchasing a binder cover from etsy!

Now your binders are sure to be the cutest at school!



  1. I love the binders at Staples! Chloe from @preppydiaries made me cute binder covers to put in them!


  2. cute! love the chevron ones! I usually buy binders at Target and make my own binder covers!



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