Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Senior Prom Picture Overload

Last Friday night I attended my Senior Prom. Lots of you may be thinking March 29th is super early to have prom but when my last day of school is May 9th then it really isn't that early! So lucky enough for y'all I am now going to share a bunch of my prom pictures with y'all!


So with hopes to not bore you to death, I will stop the pictures there. I was super pleased with the way my dress looked and I was so comfortable in it which is always a plus! For my hair I did a twist/braid thing into a pinned up bun and for makeup I went a little more formal than usual. In all, I was super happy with the way things turned out and I had such a fun time with all of my friends!

I am always interested to hear if your school does or did long or short dresses?


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  1. We do long dresses for ring dance and prom, but short dresses for homecoming.
    I love how you styled your hair! Looks like you had a good time!


  2. you looked gorgeous girly!! my (previous) school does short dresses for prom!

  3. I was just wondering where your friend in the green sweetheart dress got hers? im in love with the cut! thanks!

  4. You look so pretty!! Love love love the simplicity of your dress!!!

  5. I went to a private catholic girls school in stl! We did short dresses ALWAYS!!! Your dress looks fabulous!!!

  6. My school does long dresses only if you're a senior! If you aren't, you have to wear a short one. You looked so pretty! I can't wait for my prom, June 6th!

  7. You looked beautiful! I wore long dresses for prom, short for band banquet. However for sorority formals I have done both long and short.

  8. We do long dresses for ours! And I love how you guys aren't wearing super blinged out dresses. Seriously, all the girls at my school wear the bedazzled beyond belief dresses whereas my dress has no bedazzling and is really simply and elegant like yours :)

  9. I love your dress! I was wondering if you know where your friend in the strapless green dress bought hers? My prom is at the end of May, and I'm having the hardest time finding a dress.

  10. Hope you had fun! Love the dress and you looked gorgeous in it!

    -The Plaid Princess

  11. Love your dress! So classic and elegant! I almost did a J.Crew for my prom but did Lauren Ralph Lauren instead. We do long dresses for prom as well. My prom was this past Saturday, and I have a post about it going live tomorrow on


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