Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to School Basics: Pens, and Pencils, and Highlighters OH MY!

Yesterday was all about pencil pouches so today I decided I'd share with y'all my favorite pens, pencils, and highlighters to fill them with! 

Writing Utensils

Pencils: I'll admit it, I am a pencil snob. I am far from a fan of regular wooden pencils (even if they are Lilly). I only use mechanical pencils! My all time favorite mechanical pencils are the PaperMate Clear Tip .7mm pencils. I tend to buy them in packs of three which are great because they come with replacement erasers and extra led! The clear tip pencils are comfortable to hold and write and erase smoothly. If you haven't tried them then I definitely recommend you do so because they last a long time and are great quality. BIC also used to make a fantastic and inexpensive pencil but sadly I haven't  ben able to find those in years!

Pens: Colored pens are a must for me because of the way I organize my agenda. Fortunately tons of brands make awesome pens that I love using. Right now sharpie pens are my favorite. They have a fine felt/marker like tip and write super smooth. I have been wanting to try out Stabilo pens but can't force myself to bite the bullet of the somewhat hefty price tag although I have heard great reviews about them. BIC Roundstick Grip Medium Point Ballpoint pens will always be my tried and true though. I have boxes of these pens in every color they have been manufactured in and they never fail. They glide across the page when writing and are super inexpensive.

Highlighters: Lilly Pulitzer's half pen/half highlighter all in one recently caught my eye and they come in four different prints which are all super cute. If I didn't already have highlighter favorites I may have chosen to snatch those up but sharpie makes some equally awesome options. I love sharpie gel highlighters and their accent liquid pen highlighters! 

Do you have any favorite writing utensils? Let me know!

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