Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to School Basics: Agendas

One school supply that should never be overlooked is an Agenda. This is something that, in my opinion, should be used whether you are in school or not because it is the perfect item to plan your days! There are many different companies and brands that sell agendas so you are sure to find a style that works for you! This year I again went with a Lilly Pulitzer agenda and I got it in the large size. Mine is in You Gotta Regatta and I couldn't be more pleased!

Last year I had the smaller version and it just wasn't enough space for me, but I think this one will be perfect!

As you all know, Lilly Pulitzer is not the only company that makes a stellar agenda. I love Maybooks, Erin Condren, Elle and Em, and even Target!

Look at the inside of the Maybook's planner, so fun and practical!

With all of these great agendas you have to have a way to organize the information you fill them with!
To stay on top of things it is easiest to color coordinate and to do this efficiently assign each subject a different colored pen. Once you decide a pen color for the class don’t change your mind, that color pen will now always go with that subject and the subject will now automatically associate with that color and will soon become a habit. In your planner write down any homework, tests, or assignments for a subject in the color pen it coordinates with so that you can know exactly what is due for each class and when. 

If you have any requests for this series let me know!


  1. Cute! I was thinking about getting the You Gotta Regatta, but I ended up with a vera bradley agenda! There are so many cute agendas out there!

  2. I really like the You Gotta Regatta! I have the one in Azalea Pink May Flowers! I agree, the small ones are just a little too small for writing down everything! Great tips with the color-coordinating using pens! (:

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  4. It was a hard decision this year between a maybook and lilly but the lilly flamingos won out! Have a happy Tuesday and be sure to check out my low entry giveaway ending soon :).

  5. I was just looking online for a new agenda! Thanks for pointing out the Lily Pulitzer one!

  6. omg. you got me hooked on maybooks! i love them! :)


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