Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Off to Camp Orientation

Today I get to head to my "summer home!" By that I mean camp. This year is a little different though. This year I am old enough to be a counselor! This will be my seventh summer at camp and in total I will spend 5 weeks at camp. For now, I will be gone for one week for orientation. I don't really know what to expect but I know it will be a blast since all the counselors working this summer will be at camp at the same time. This means me and my three closest camp friends and all of the other counselors will get to have camp all to ourselves. I'll see y'all in a week and while I'm gone don't forget to enter my giveaway ( I'll draw the winner as soon as I get back!). Below are a few pictures from last summer. I'm posting this from my phone so ignore the odd setup and spacing!

Happy Summer!


  1. Where do you go to camp?! I have a friend who just left as well!

  2. Let me guess where you are going... Greystone!?! I was a counselor there in 2009. Curious to see if thats where you will be!!

  3. Ahh so much fun! Have a great week! I leave on Saturday for five weeks - we'll have to compare camp stories one day! XOXO

  4. I never got to go to camp as a camper but I worked at one in Maine one summer. (I actually applied to teach dance in their dance program which I got to do but then they stuck me in a cabin with 8th graders too.) It was pretty fun but some of the girls were SO mean and they had horrible potty mouths. Other than that though it was a blast! I probably would have loved camp as a kid.


  5. Have so much fun! I never got to go to camp when I was little, but I worked at a summer camp in PA for a few years during college! Definitely some of the best summers of my life!

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