Monday, January 2, 2012


Hello! The inevitable is occurring and I am less than thrilled. School goes back tomorrow. No thank you. One thing I look forward to when going back is starting fresh. No notes in your binders yet that sort of thing. So today I went to staples and got new supplies, which I love more than I should. So spending an unreasonable amount of time matching and perfecting which binders, dividers, folders, ect. is beyond exciting to me. I am very picky when it comes to the act.
Here is what I got:

  • two 1 and 1/2 inch binders in blue and green
  • two packs of 8 dividers(plastic with different color on each tab)
  • two folders, one for the front of each binder
  • highlighters (mine were dried out)
  • lots of college ruled paper
  • another pack of 500 notecards (I went through two of them last semester)
  • another smaller binder
  • a pack of 5 dividers for smaller binder
  • graph paper
I decided to make the blue binder my french 3 and US history binder. I organized it by putting a folder in the front for any homework for those classes that I may need to take home (so that I don't have to lug the entire binder home). I then put a big chunk of college ruled directly be hid the folder for all my french 3 notes. That may sound crazy that it isn't organized more specifically but we do not take very many notes in that class so it is a super easy way to store them in order. The eight dividers in the binder are all for US history. Each test we have this semester will have its notes in a separate section which simplifies things come finals. The large green binder is set up the exact same way with the subjects AP Lang and AP Bio. Ap Lang is directly behind the folder and their is a tab for each test we have in AP Bio. I find that when my binders are organized the same way it is easy to focus on the task at hand instead of searching for different items. The smaller binder is for my Adv. Pre Calculus class and has five dividers. One is for notes with college ruled paper, the second holds graph paper and is for homework, the third will be where my graded quizzes will be placed, the fourth for graded tests, and finally the fifth is for extra paper. Here are some pictures of them pre label maker for the tabs and pre binder cover.
This is the french section of my blue binder, as you can see we don't take too many notes so I just continue my notes on the same page until it fills. The tabs are for US history and in the picture did not have labels on them.

These are the binders pre cover sheet but they are pretty basic binders with the EZ touch opener.
This is the folder that I use to store homework in for AP Lang and AP Bio so that the whole binder is not carted home.
This is the AP Lang section of the green binder.
Same folder style and design for blue binder for homework to do at night.

Sadly I don't have my math binder with me at the moment so that one isn't shown. I hope my organization system helps any one in need of it. Another great device I use constantly are sticky notes but y'all know what those look like so I won't torture you with any more pictures. Hop that was helpful and I would love to know how you keep things organized (not just school supplies)!

See you later alligator,


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