Thursday, December 17, 2015

Holiday Bucket List

If you weren't able to tell from my other posts this week I am attempting to re-write the movie Elf's code of the elves by posting an obnoxious amount of Christmas related content on the blog! Hope you're ok with that because it definitely is allowing me to feel particularly festive. 

Since there are only EIGHT DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS there is lots to do in a short amount of time. I figure that if you're anything like me then a checklist will be the perfect encouragement to actually get everything done! I created a Winter Bucket List last year that will provide further inspiration if you need it but I'm in full holiday mode so most of these revolve around Christmas. 

all the cute illustrations on this image are by Evelyn Henson, shop her work here

deck the halls
I'm not sure if there is anything better than a decorated home for the holidays. One of my friends told me recently that they just love how much I love Christmas and a decorated house definitely contributes to my excitement! Put up a tree, dress up your front porch, and turn on all the holiday lights and you will surely be in the Christmas spirit!

bake Christmas treats
And any other sweet treat for that matter. I love baking and used to use it as a stress reliever back in high school. Since I don't exactly have a ton of free time while at school I use breaks, especially Christmas to catch up on all the baking I've missed throughout the semester. Christmas cookies are some of my favorites to make since I can enjoy both baking and decorating! Be sure to check back next week if you want a recipe for my favorite iced sugar cookies! 

enjoy a snow day (fingers crossed)
Let's hope the weather cooperates with me on this one! I loved having 3 snow days last year and would be thrilled with the same luck this year. Sledding, cozying up inside, snow angels, and drinking hot chocolate are all things I hope to see in my future. While I am very doubtful of this possibility at home in Alabama but maybe once I am back at school it'll happen! 

find the perfect presents and wrap them up
Check and check. I am so excited for all of the gifts I purchased for my family this year and another perk, they are already wrapped! My mom joked the other day that I have officially "turned the corner" since I seem to be more excited about the gifts I'm giving than the gifts I could possibly be receiving. 

go ice skating
I love ice skating and think that it is such a fun winter outing to partake in. Get a group of your friends together and make way to the rink! There is a new ice skating rink about 30 minutes away from my house and I am really hoping to go this year with friends. 

watch some Christmas classics
Winter break is just beginning for you to log onto Netflix! I am well on my way to watching all of my Christmas movie favorites and have enjoyed lounging around between blogging and hanging with my family and friends. Find my all time favorites here

host a holiday party
I love playing host and planning and organizing a party. While this may have to happen after Christmas passes I am definitely hoping to have a small get together with some of my friends from home while we are all back for the holidays.

Christmas coffee
Need I say more? You can bet that I've already consumed my fair share of holiday flavored caffeinated beverages but I'm not a quitter so I know that there will still be plenty of peppermint flavored and holiday spice drinks to wake me up in the morning for the rest of the month to come. 

spend a whole morning in your pajamas
Does anything sound better? I'm not so sure but I have a few pair of Christmas pajamas that deserve to be worn for longer than they have been. If you need to shop for your perfect outfit on Christmas morning you can find some of my favorite festive pajamas in this post

drive around and find the best Christmas lights
Put on some Christmas music and pile on in the car and take a drive around your town at night to look at all of the houses lit up and decorated for the season. Bonus points if you decide to make it a competition and leave a note or some cookies on the doorstep of your favorite decorated house!

curl up by the fire 
Stay in your pajamas and grab a good book and listen to the fire place crackle. This sounds like a good way to spend some down time during the break!

send Christmas cards
Christmas cards are one of my favorite things. Although it is always a challenge to get our own version out since my brother and I never seem to be home until our breaks begin I love getting them in the mail so it makes it worth it to send them!

What other additions should be made to complete this Holiday bucket list? If you need even more inspiration then check out these other winter bucket lists that I love!
Packed Party's party girl winter checklist.
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  2. I can't wait to have a snow day! This year doesn't feel like Christmas since there is no snow up here in New England!

    Emily from Style Cubby

  3. I love your bucket list, Dorothy! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I will have a White Christmas here in NC (there's always next year!) but I'm excited to do lots of baking and see some Christmas lights over break!


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    expressed your feelings through your blog!..


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