Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ruffle Hem Piko, Grey Slip Ons, Green Bag

Happy Saturday! I thought it would be fun to share a look at some casual weekend wear with y'all as I accidentally took a two week hiatus to start the month and have so many post ideas I am excited to share. Since during the day it can still be a bit warm I have been relying on short sleeved shirts with jeans to look the part for the season without sweating. The same goes for shoes, it's just now getting to the point when wearing boots all day is comfortable but up until now I've been relying on casual slip on shoes to dress for the season more than sandals. Paired with a fun colored cross body bag this outfit is quick to throw on and easy to repeat without anyone necessarily knowing. 

This white shirt has quickly become a favorite and I have since purchased it in grey as well. It's great to throw on with jean shorts as well and also looks great with a sweater. The best part is it's only $25 and from the brand Piko which makes the softest shirts in a variety of styles. The best brand for basics! 



top // jeans // bag // shoes // necklace // bracelets ( 1 & 2 )

Friday, October 21, 2016

Step Into My Week

Hooray for Friday! This week was a restful one towards the beginning and kicked into high gear towards the end at least for me anyway! Furman gave us Monday and Tuesday off for fall break and I took advantage of that by heading home on Friday morning. In my head I always think I want to do something really fun and exciting for fall break but by the time it comes around I am always super content with the idea of heading home especially since midterms are typically the week before. Nell and I drove home together and it was nice to have someone to entertain me on the eight hour drive.

For the most part I took it easy over the break but was able to see a number of friends while I was home. 3 of my really close friends (who all happen to be sisters) were all home Friday night so after enjoying dinner at home with my parents I headed to their house where we had a bonfire on the beach as we caught each other up on life. It was so peaceful and such a treat to get to see all of them at once since with our busy schedules that can be a rarity.

Saturday my dad went to do a bike ride with his triathlon friends so my mom and I went shopping and out to lunch with my grandparents before coming back to watch the Alabama game. I took a solid 2 hour nap that afternoon which even I was impressed with since I slept in until about 9:30 that morning. It's funny how quickly my body can adjust to being home since at school I struggle to ever sleep past 8. Sunday was another relaxing day and I went out to brunch with my parents before going to one of my favorite coffee shops to get some work done. There I met another one of my friends and we caught up with each other for a bit before she had to head back to Birmingham. The rest of the break involved errands and a bit more school work in a far from stressful environment which is always refreshing.

Tuesday Nell and I headed back to school and decided to cook ourselves dinner in the apartment. I love having a kitchen and wish I had more time to really be creative with meals. Then, we baked cookies as an apartment and watched Hocus Pocus together to prolong fall break as best we could. Wednesday was another regular school day and our sorority had an intramural soccer game that night. I've loved getting back into soccer by playing intramurals and even scored a hat trick (3 goals) during that game. Since it was the semi finals we had the finals last night which we won and I was able to score another goal during. Last night as I was working on homework I experienced what every college student assignment you've completed deleting on you. I've always heard horror stories about this and can now say I've experienced it first hand since suddenly my saved 6 page assignment came up as 2 bullet points. Fortunately I was able to knock it out a bit faster the second time around and it has since been turned in but now I feel like I can finally understand what people are talking about when they say that an assignment deletes on them.


Tonight my sorority has a function which should be fun and the plans for the rest of the weekend are still a bit up in the air until Sunday. I am so excited about hosting my first meet up per se on Sunday in Greenville with Southern Tide so if you're local I would love to meet you from 1-3 at their store downtown to sip, shop, and socialize together! And...they've just informed me that if you spend $50 during the event you get a free Southern Tide t-shirt so that's pretty exciting! I can't wait to recap this event with you in next week's Step Into My Week but hope y'all have a wonderful weekend in the meantime! 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hunter Green Hues

While blue remains one of my favorite colors for just about everything (clothes, decor, etc) there is something about a hunter green hue in the fall that has the ability to constantly lure me in. I purchased this skirt last year from Forever 21 of all places and have found it to make an outfit on more occasion than one. Hunter green is like royal blue in that it looks good on just about everyone. 

Paired with a cropped tank for now and a baggy white turtleneck sweater in the winter this skirt has certainly given me some bang for my buck. In the fall I am all about cognac colored accessories and typically reach for my riding boots to compliment this outfit but after finding the cutest nude lace up flats last fall I couldn't resist. As I've been student teaching more and more I have tried to resist falling into a routine of capris, cardigans, and ballet flats and these flats definitely make me seem a bit less teacher. Paired with my favorite everyday accessories this would the perfect look for a Thanksgiving meal or nicer dinner out with friends.




white top // green skirt (similar / fun suede version) // cross body bag (similar) // lace up flats // necklace // bracelets ( 1 & 2 ) // 

You may recognize this outfit from my last Step Into My Week post since I wore it with these wedges, hoop earrings, an agate necklace, and my favorite bucket bag to our Parent's Weekend Cocktail. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fall Bucket List

When writing down numerous different blog posts I want to write and get up for y'all this one kept getting moved to the top of my list. Last year I created a fall bucket list and it is still heavily trafficked and pinned so I though why not give it an update. Although fall is definitely in full force sometimes a a bit of encouragement as you're already into a season is just what it takes for you to appreciate a season more! 

You can bet that this will be printed and put on our fridge to encourage my roommates and I to enjoy all that fall has to offer especially in Greenville! It's a lot more fun to accomplish these things with friends instead of solo so be sure to get an accountability buddy to help you through this list! 

The adorable illustrations in this graphic are drawn by Evelyn Henson. If you haven't seen all of her prints and site then you must check them out! 

I couldn't help but include that last one on the list. I am doing everything in my power to avoid getting sick. I've gotten my flu shot, take Emergen-c on a regular basis, and am attempting to get enough sleep so let's hope that's enough to combat it! I'd love to hear what is on your fall bucket list or which of these tasks you're most eager to check off! 

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