Monday, April 24, 2017

Step Into My Week

Today is a bittersweet day as it is my last full day with my fourth graders. Although I've already decided that I am going to go back and visit them either at the end of this week or next week it is weird to think about not spending every week day with them. I'll share more on that next week but for now we will focus on last week. 

Nothing too big to report on from during the week however on Saturday I had my last KD Spring Formal. Formals have always been a fun part of being a member of a sorority and it was nice to have ours relatively late in the school year. I took one of my friends, John, which was fun and the weather was so nice! Get ready to scroll though since there are a lot of pictures! 

Last night we had our KD senior banquet. We go to an event venue and eat dinner, hear our senior superlatives, and spend time as a chapter. It was pouring down rain which was kind of a bummer but was overall a really sweet last thing to do as a collegiate member of KD. 

Hope y'all enjoyed all of those pictures and that your week is off to a great start already!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Spring Nail Polish Favorites

If you asked my mom, the last thing she'd say I need more of is nail polish. She is convinced that I have all of the colors already and couldn't possibly need *another* pink. In a way she is right but any other nail polish lovers out there would probably agree that all of the different shades and colors that are released each season are ones you can't help but want to add to your collection. 

I've never really thought about it before but in a way you could definitely say I have my own little nail polish collection going. Maybe it's not the most practical collection but as far as collections go at least it is relatively affordable. I have so many nail polishes that each season I switch out which ones I have out in my room in the monogrammed holder I have. I think my favorite colors I own are my springing summer shades so I couldn't help but want to share those with you! 

As far as nail polish brands go I am pretty brand conscious. There is something about Essie's formula, colors, names, and bottle design that makes it my favorite. If anyone knows how to get a job as a nail polish namer you know who to call! I have included my favorites in the photo above and the ones below for you to see the various shades in case you're in the market for a new shade or two. 

I have listed them by row (front to back) and then left to right within each row. I think if I had to choose an all time favorite color it would have to be Essie's Fiji. It is the perfect light pink color and I just had to get a new bottle for Easter to replace my almost empty one. I am pretty sure it is the only nail polish color I've ever had to replace due to using it up instead of losing it. 

play date // under where // cascade cool // go ginza
come here! // cute as a button // status symbol // bachelorette bash
absolutely shore // boxer shorts // bikini so teeny // virgin snow 

So there you have it, my favorite nail polish colors for the season! I'd love to hear which are your all time favorite nail polish colors! 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Pink Gingham Off The Shoulder Top

I promise I'll have a more informative post up tomorrow but with all of the cute spring pieces out now  I couldn't help but share this cute top with y'all! I feel like off the shoulder is going to be the silhouette of the season since it seems to be everywhere and all the pieces I am tempted to add to my cart sport this style! Shockingly enough that isn't even what first draw me to this cute top. 

I've always had a special place in my heart for gingham after my childhood bedroom had a gingham bedspread. The large sized squares on this shirt make a statement but don't overcrowd it but the real kickers comes with the back. The open back tied together with a bow was just too cute to pass up that I may have gotten this shirt in two different colors. 

While I've tried it on with white jeans and jean shorts I couldn't help but complement the feminine style of this shirt with these white ruffle shorts. If you tuck something into them they have the cutest ruffle at the top that is carried down the sides to the pockets as well. While it's subtle I love when clothes have fun and unexpected details like these shorts and this top! 

pink gingham off the shoulder top (c/o) // white ruffle shorts // sandals // tan cross body bag // bracelets ( 1 & 2 ) // gold and white bracelets

I hope it's a little less rainy where you are! I am not loving the little drizzle we've been getting here but we are half way through the week so I am sure I'll manage just fine! 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Step Into My Week

It feels a bit funny to have a Step Into My Week post up on a Tuesday but I just knew that yesterday I'd be in full Easter recovery mode so decided that by posting it today it would be a bit more comprehensive. 

Last week was super nice since I was able to be on campus for class since it was Greenville County's spring break. Since we took our spring break with Furman we had class each day at 9:30 which definitely felt later compared to our normal alarms. I wasn't able to sleep in very late each day (habits are hard to break) so instead would get up, have my coffee in bed, and work on blog posts and emails. It was a nice luxury to have slower mornings for a little while.

I took advantage of eating meals on campus and going to the library after class which embarrassingly enough I missed! Wednesday night I even went out with friends after packing up to head home on Thursday after class. Furman gave us Friday and Monday off for Easter so I left right after class on Thursday to get as much time at home as possible. We went to the beach for Easter with my grandparents and aunt and uncle and cousin so after spending the night at our house on Thursday it was straight to the beach house on Friday. 

Unfortunately it was pretty windy which made the water rough so we weren't able to boat or soak up much sun without getting cold but it was good to see family and nice to relax. I was able to finish a book that I started over spring break, eat lots of good food, spend time with my family, and catch up on some sleep.

We came back home on Sunday afternoon and started packing up some stuff for me to take to my new apartment. I get my keys and can start moving stuff in today which is exciting. Although I have no furniture it will be nice to go ahead and start taking trips from Furman to the new place so that moving out at graduation isn't quite as hectic. I am going to do my best to keep y'all updated with the decorating progress although I know it may be a little bit slow to start. I am headed back to school bright and early this morning for my last days with my kids before we finish student teaching on Monday. I am also determined to have a productive last week since there are loose ends to tie up before being officially finished! 

I hope that your week is off to a great start! 

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