Monday, January 23, 2017

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I can’t fully decide if I think January has flown by or been dragging its toes… It seems as though the end of the month has snuck up on me although I am very ready for February and a new month. Winter months can always be a bit of a challenge with dreary, cold weather but the sugar high and pops of pink the February brings can make the weather a bit less daunting! In college Valentine’s Day isn’t that big of a deal. While yes, a lot of time fraternities will host parties it tends to be a normal class day unless your teacher is feeling extra generous and decides to bring candy. This year I am sure it will start to feel like that childhood holiday that constitutes picking out the perfect cards to distribute to your classmates at a class party since I’ll be with my students. Since I am a sucker for a handwritten card I am hoping they don’t forget to make me one despite the fact that I’m in college and their student teacher!

            As you get older, it’s easy to think less about the cards and more about the other little goodies that you would happily receive on this girly occasion. I’ve been shopping some of my favorite online sites for y’all to find some cute prizes that would be perfectly suitable Valentine’s gifts for just about any girl you may be shopping for! From earrings to pajamas and books to ice trays these prizes are all just too fun! Guys, if you’re looking what to give a college girl or your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day then you’ve come to the right spot!

Which of these is your favorite? I can’t get over these fun bathbombs and this striped pajama set!

            So whether you’re shopping for these gifts for yourself (no shame in that) or for someone else I’d love to know which was the first to catch your eye!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Optimistic Sunday Sayings vol. 1

I am so excited for this post to go live since it is the first of a new series that you’ll find on Prep In Your Step! As I’ve mentioned in a few posts I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with the start of the semester. I am a perfectionist by nature and tend to get pretty stressed when I don’t feel like I am functioning at my best. I am sure that is part of the reason I’ve been so anxious the past few weeks as I prepare to begin student teaching in about 2 weeks. With all of this in mind I have been trying to think of ways to get out of this funk and one solution I tend to gravitate towards is looking up positive quotes. Whether that is writing down things I hear or scrolling through Pinterest to find inspiration these quotes have been helping me to reframe my outlook a bit.

The idea for this new series, “Optimistic Sunday Sayings,” came to me in class Friday. The thought of sharing these quotes that have helped me to adjust my attitude while combining my love of creativity makes it the perfect new thing for this semester. I got this really cool drawing tablet for Christmas after taking a digital illustration class last semester and love that this gives me an excuse each week to use it!

My goal is to post a new optimistic saying for y’all each Sunday hopefully including an illustration I’ve had the chance to draw as well. I am by no means a digital illustrator, but I think it will be fun to see how my illustrations develop over time! So, here is this week’s saying! I hope it inspires you to focus on all the good things or what is going right instead of what may be going wrong!

Here’s to starting the week with the right mentality!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Step Into My Week {Bid Day}

Happy Friday! For whatever reason this week felt long despite the fact that we had Monday off. I'm owing some of that to the fact that weekends haven't been much of a break lately due to recruitment but the effort that went into it most certainly paid off with our wonderful new pledge class. I'll go into more of the details (and photos, lots of photos) of recruitment after recapping this week for y'all. 

As I mentioned in my last Step Into My Week post, this semester I've felt very anxious and overwhelmed with assignments and what's to come. Since I am only taking classes on campus for a month, my teachers are trying to fit as much as they can into that short time before we are in our schools full time for our practicum. This work load along with the fact that we have a rotating schedule has me struggling to get into any sort of routine or feel as though I have things figured out. On Monday, my friends and I went to look at a potential apartment to live in as we start grad school and teaching and part of me really hoped that would help to calm my nerves a bit when in fact it seemed to do the opposite, making me more anxious. I know that figuring this sort of stuff out will come with time however, this internal conflict of trying to get everything done to the very best of my ability while also enjoying the time I am on campus has been a real challenge. 

Tuesday night I went out with some friends which reminded me to take advantage of this time that I do have before 10:30 becomes my bed time since my alarm will sound promptly at 5:30. And with a little more library time this week than last making head way on projects during the day has allowed me to see my friends that I am not necessarily in classes with which has been a nice break. On Thursday, I went back to my school for the day and was able to meet with my university supervisor (who will be evaluating my lessons) which provided me with some clarity I've been looking for. I know that the next couple of weeks juggling both time in the school and classes at Furman will be a challenge and I'll likely still be a little bit overwhelmed and anxious but I know the end goal is to best prepare me for what is to come which I do appreciate. 

So now for the real reason you probably decided to click on this post, bid day photos! Bid day was Sunday and our theme this year was Camp KD. With an assortment of overalls, bandanas, and flannels we excitedly awaited our new pledge class after two super successful weekends of recruitment. Bid day never fails to remind me how happy I am to have gone KD and invested so much of myself into this organization and chapter. It was so weird to think about the fact that this was my pledge classes last recruitment and bid day but I definitely think we went out on a high note! 

Grace is our new president and it has been so fun to get even closer with her as I've transitioned her through this process. 

Madison (pictured below) is the first person since me to come to Furman from my high school. I was so excited for her to come to school with me since we played on the same soccer team and I used to babysit her (well really her younger sister but still). I had my fingers crossed all week long that she would want to make KD her home on bid day and I was ecstatic to see her name on our bid list on Sunday morning. 

How cute are all of our new members? 

Some of the friends I'll more than likely be living with next year.

I was put in charge of taking photos in the bid day room as well as creating a video of the day and I am so pleased with how both parts turned out. 

I hope y'all have some fun plans for the weekend! I am hoping to get ahead with blogging and projects while also taking some time to relax. I rarely ever want to go see a movie but lately there have been so many coming out that have caught my eye that I may try to do that this weekend as well! See y'all on Monday morning. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Athletic Wear To Inspire Activity

With a new year resolutions to become more active are nearly unavoidable. The only times that the gym on my college campus seems as use as the new year are the beginning of fall semester and right before spring break. Any resolution to become more active can be a good one as long as health remains a major focus instead of just your weight or appearance. January can be a bit of a hard time to kick start activity though since it can be pretty chilly. Typically that leads people to head to the gym or some sort of class in order to meet their fitness goals for the day but sometimes working out inside can be kind of monotonous. The one solution I've found aside from finding a workout you truly enjoy or a buddy to exercise with is cute activewear. Athleisure seems to be all the trend lately and as a college student who values comfort while also wanting to look cute it is one trend I can fully get behind!

With athleisure enjoying its time in the spotlight it seems like every brand and store is coming out with the cutest workout clothes that make working out seem that much more exciting. Since I can definitely get sucked into perusing all sorts of cute workout tanks and leggings I thought it could be fun to share some of my favorite discoveries with y'all in case you're looking for a few new pieces to give you that extra push to head out the door and to the gym! There are certainly a variety of price points represented by these items (why does activewear have to be so expensive when all you do is sweat in it?) they are just a few of the many found on each sight that I found to be fun! And while they aren't nearly as fun, I swear by these yoga pants for everything from working out to wearing to class! 

I'd love to hear of any new places you may know of to shop for cute athletic wear!

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