Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tailgate Tassels

With school now in session there is one really big thing most college students are looking forward season. Even if you're not that into the sport going to tailgates with friends really can't be beat! Dressing up, wandering from tent to tent, and enjoying the game are part of what makes falls on campus so much fun. Having spent about a week student teaching I am realizing just how easy it is to spot one of my school dresses from more tailgate typical attire in my closet and while I am to build my professional wardrobe I can't help but fall in love with some of the styles that I wouldn't wear in the classroom but would put on in a heartbeat come game day. 

The funny thing about Furman is that we never really wear our school color (purple) to football games. For the most part you will see every color but purple when peering around the mall. You are also more than likely to notice a lot of cowboy boots, sorority pins, and boys in bow ties under tents with designated fraternity letters but that can't just be at Furman. To make the most of pieces in my closet I decided to reach for a dress that would be perfect for a tailgate and wear it on a particularly hot summer day. With off the shoulder silhouettes and tassels epitomizing summer style I found that these dresses that I typically designated for tailgates deserved more wear time regardless of the occasion.

In my mind, royal blue is a universally flattering color that pops with any hair color and skin tone. I love that it is classic while still being a bit bold and better than any of that for me was the fact that this particular blue dress has pockets. That can't just be a selling point for me, right? It is completely twirl worthy and looks just as cute with boots as it does with sandals, a major win in my book. 




dress (similar) // sandals // bag // bracelets ( 1 & 2 ) // necklace

Paired with neutral accessories I felt like this dress was perfectly appropriate for running errands, grabbing a meal with friends, and even those tailgates we are all looking forward to in the weeks to come! 

I hope y'all are having a wonderful Wednesday so far! 

One Last Look At Home With Fun Real Fun

Whew, what a couple of weeks and weekends. Back to school is always so busy and the inconsistencies in my routine have led to fewer posts that I would have wished for. I apologize for that but am glad that now that class has started things will begin to smooth out and I'll get into the groove of things. In addition to the big change in routine another big change that is hard about coming back to school for me has always been leaving my family and the comfort of home. 

This summer when I was at my house I spent a lot of time with my parents since very few of my friends were actually home for the summer. Because of all of this time spent at home I started the process of re-doing my room. While I had envisioned finishing that in a month and sharing the final completed product with y'all I still haven't completely finished re-doing it. So, I'm not going to share that just yet but I did think it would be fun to show you a few of my favorite details of my room and bathroom that have started to pull the spaces together! 


Growing up with my own spacious bathroom has always been so nice! Not having to wait for a sibling to get out of the shower, being able to take up as much counter space as I want, and getting ready without being in someone else's way are just a few of the perks. However, as someone who spends far too long on pinterest and loves interior design I have discovered that setting up my bathroom exactly how I want is another perk that falls at the top of that list. Bathrooms definitely aren't the hardest places to decorate and it is so easy to give them a face lift by changing out simple details like a rug or towels! 

With navy and light blue being my colors of choice for just about everything as of late I didn't stray away from that when it came to my room and bathroom. After discovering this runner rug I knew that the print of the room would compliment the look I was going for! The ikat design, ability to clean it easily, and its skid proof nature made it a no brainer for the space!  The company that makes these rugs, Fun Real Fun, has the cutest designs and the material of the rug makes them so versatile to use in a variety of spaces in your home. My roommates and I are currently looking at which of their cute prints we should put in our apartment kitchen! If you're familiar with the quality and cuteness of the brand Scout then you will be equally as impressed by Fun Real Fun since they are the sister company to Scout! That means that the patterns and colors seen on their rugs will go perfectly with some of your favorite storage bins and totes offered by Scout! 

To go along with this eye catching rug I decided to keep the other details in the bathroom a bit simpler since the rug is definitely able to speak for itself! I purchased the cutest navy tassel shower curtain and am debating how I want to monogram it to really add a finishing touch to it! 

As for the rest of my room, the bed is definitely the place where I've made the most progress. I purchased a rug to cover some of my white carpet which contrasts nicely with my navy bed skirt and decided that a white comforter would allow for the most fun choices when it comes to the pillows! There is definitely still lots to be done to make the space completely share ready but I thought it would fun to share one last look at home before I even think about sharing my new space at school! 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Day Of Shopping Tips for Lilly Pulitzer's After Party Sale!

It's here, it's here! It's a pink and green lovers Christmas as the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale starts this morning at 8AM EST. Hopefully you have a big cup of coffee in your hand and your pajamas still on to shop since patience will definitely be needed as you wait in Lilly's virtual line to enter the closest thing to the pink and green palace that the internet can offer.

Since you may be waiting I thought it could be helpful to provide some day of shopping tips for y'all in order to capitalize on your success after making your way through the line! And here is a quick trip down memory lane featuring some of my favorite Lilly from over the years! 




First, if the website does crash (which is quite possible) there is no need to send strongly worded tweets to the  Lilly Pulitzer team on Twitter and Facebook, they want us to be able to shop and it is already nice enough that they give us the opportunity to shop  Lilly for discounted prices!

Items in your cart are not reserved so try to shop fast and checkout if you have a piece in your cart that you can't live without! 

If the sale isn't working for you online try shopping through the   Lilly Pulitzer app. Occasionally it will be faster than the computer however I definitely prefer perusing through the site. 

If you end up snagging anything let me know! I am nosy and curious and would love to share the thrill of the sale with you!

Now for the giveaway reminder. As you're waiting in line be sure to head over to  this blog post to enter for a chance to win these fun prizes! 

Best of luck shopping! Hopefully I'll be back over her sharing some of my favorite finds from the sale with y'all but in the meantime be sure to enter the giveaway and let me know what you're most hoping to snag from the sale! 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lilly Workout Wear + GIVEAWAY

After the announcement of Lilly's After Party Sale which I talked about in yesterdays post I figured there was no better time to share one of my more recent favorite pieces from Lilly (and if you pair attention to yesterday's post you probably saw the giveaway for them too). I love Lilly pieces (did you see my freshman dorm room?) but as I am starting to work towards a wardrobe of professional pieces that can be worn frequently without anyone noticing I've realized that some of my favorite Lilly pieces don't necessarily fit that bill. That doesn't mean I am going to stop purchasing those pieces but it did mean that I was absolutely ecstatic when Lilly released workout shorts. I wear at least one pair of workout shorts a day and couldn't care less about repeating them so purchasing Lilly workout shorts was a guilt free way to add more patterns to my workout wear. 

I am a huge fan of nike and lululemon workout shorts so I was very impressed when I could run and exercise comfortably in the athletic shorts Lilly Pulitzer created. Not only can you comfortably workout in these but you'll look cute doing it! The only thing that is a little different about these is they don't have built in shorts liners so if that is a make or break it for you then that is something to keep in mind. I don't really have much of a preference of that and have worn these for a variety of workouts without ever feeling like they are riding up or uncomfortable. 

Since the shorts can definitely hold their own I decided to pair mine with a short sleeve athletic top and a fun, equally bright sports bra although I'd definitely have to trade this tee for a tank if I were to workout since it has been far too hot lately for anything else. This is definitely an outfit that you wouldn't feel guilty staying in all day after working out! 




To help you prepare for the sale be sure to look at yesterday's post for some tips and be sure to check back tomorrow for some day of shopping advice to help make the shopping as smooth and successful as possible. Enter to win your own pair of these workout shorts and other fun Lilly items here

And since we are talking about Lilly here are some of my favorite of their new arrivals

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