Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Wedding Wednesday: What's Been On Our To-Do List Lately

 Aside from right after we got engaged I feel like this past week has been one of the most productive when it comes to wedding planning. I shouldn’t be surprised that was the case since I went to Fairhope with a long to-do list of what I wanted to get done with my parents and for the most part, we tackled it all! We’re going back to Wedding Wednesday roots a bit in this post with the overall layout of the post, but looking ahead to the next three to four weeks of Wedding Wednesday posts has me especially excited for the content I’ll be sharing! 

Floral Design Meeting

This was a major check off of my list while in town. I finally got to meet our florist, Katherine, in person at our reception venue to go through all of the ideas I had as well as the proposal she had put together. I’m not sure why this felt like it was going to be such a to-do in my head, but meeting with her to discuss everything and hearing her ideas and ways to make them happen truly put me at ease! We talked through some logistics, her overall process, and everything I had mapped out on Canva for each setting at the venue leaving me so confident about what she’ll be putting together for us! 

First Dance and Father/Daughter Dance Song Selection

Since I feel like I’ve had enough decisions on my plate I’ve outsourced song selections to my fiancé and dad. Both delivered and came up with great options for each of our respective dances. 

Food Selection

We’re not totally nailed down on this yet, but we are getting pretty close. What I did that I think helped to make sure everyone had a say in what will be served is having my parents each come up with their ideal menu independently and then Hunter and I doing the same thing. After everyone had done that we compared them and were then able to adjust accordingly based on the variety of the selection, pricing, and narrowing! 

Bridesmaid’s Dresses Arrived

I had in my head that bridesmaid dresses wouldn’t be in until after Labor Day and was pleasantly surprised when I received an email a couple of weeks ago that they had arrived! This gives everyone plenty of time to get any alterations done that they may be interested in. 

First Alterations Appointment For My Dress 

In addition to our flower meeting, this was a big reason I went to Fairhope a couple of weeks ago. It was so fun to see my dress again in person and my mom and I were finally able to see it with the shoes, earrings, and veil I had selected. Overall it fits pretty well, but for comfort’s sake, I want it a bit tighter in the top so that there will be no need to adjust it during the day and then it needed to be hemmed to the proper length. My next alterations appointment all they should have to do is add in the bustle and make sure I like the way it feels and we will be good to go!

Mother of The Bride Dress & Rehearsal Dinner Dress Selected

My mom and I both knew that finding outfits for her to wear could be a challenge since she doesn’t love shopping. I sent her on a mission to get a feel for things she liked the weekend before I came home and she ended up finding her Mother of the Bride dress then! We continued to look to make sure it was her favorite when I was in town and during that time were also able to get her rehearsal dinner outfit and what she is planning to wear to our Birmingham engagement party. I’m a bit jealous that she has more outfits figured out at this point than I do! 

Flower Girl Attire

My niece is our flower girl and she’ll have just turned one at the time of our wedding. We had been putting off buying her dress until we had a better idea of her size and whether or not she would be walking. We’re still not sure if she’ll be walking at the time of our wedding, but since she’s measuring tall (I guess they call it long for babies) we went ahead and got her an 18m dress instead of 12m. I think we’ll have something as a backup in case she spills or needs a change of clothes, but I really like what we ended up ordering for her. 

Gift for Hunter

After reaching out to quite a few different places I finally found a place that could do my dream wedding gift for Hunter at a somewhat reasonable price! I was about to throw in the towel and am so glad that I didn’t since judging from the proof I’ve seen they are going to be perfect! I’ll share more after I’ve given them to him on our wedding day since I have a feeling they are something many grooms would love.

Linen Final Selection

We finally put in the order for our specialty linens and the check has been sent which feels good since I think they will make such an impact in our space! I used a new to me company that I have a feeling is going to make a name for themselves in the wedding vendor realm. I’ll share more once I have pictures of the linens in action! 

Invitations Arrived

If you’ve been following these posts somewhat closely then you may remember my one major meltdown of wedding planning so far came with figuring out a time to look at and order invitations. Of course, my stress of timing with those was for nothing since they arrived earlier than I had expected. We even already have the finished envelopes back from our calligrapher which has me ambitious that we may be able to put everything in the mail ahead of our goal send date! 

On the to-do list for the next week or so:

I’m trying to get a lot knocked out the remainder of this week and early next week so that come Thursday I can check out of wedding to-dos for a fun trip that is planned! I feel like publishing these to-do lists holds me pretty well accountable and I’m optimistic that’s the case with this one too. 

Decide on scripture and songs for the ceremony.

Once those are decided I’d love to go ahead and make/order the wedding ceremony program so that most of our paper orders will be finished! 

Select wedding bands and order Hunter’s. 

Call the makeup artist to confirm numbers and schedule a trial.

Schedule a second dress alterations appointment (I’m hoping to line it up with the above so that I’m able to see everything together before our wedding day).

Begin stuffing and stamping invitations to send ahead of our “goal” mail-by date.

Decide on bridesmaid’s gifts.

Pass along addresses and numbers for rehearsal dinner and bridesmaid’s luncheon.

Decide on hostess gifts for parties.

Look for dresses for engagement party and rehearsal dinner. 


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