Sunday, November 29, 2015

Festive Frocks for Formals and Holiday Parties

If you read my post from yesterday then you'll know that I went to my friends deb ball this past week which is what (or should I say who) inspired this post. My friend Macy, whose deb ball I attended, was eager to see some sort of post about preparing for a deb ball on the blog. Since I figured that a deb ball may be a little bit specific the holiday season is filled with plenty of occasions that constitute fancier clothes and dressing up for various parties and events. 

I know I have my sororities winter formal coming up next weekend and am sure that some of y'all may be in the same boat with school dances or cocktail parties to look forward to all throughout December. Finding dresses for these sorts of occasions can definitely be tricky and fortunately I already have mine for my winter formal but for my friends deb ball I actually used Rent the Runway. If you are interested in using Rent the Runway now is a great time since they are running 25% off their rentals with the code RTRBF15!

I think Rent the Runway is definitely the way to go when it comes to long dresses since chances are if you're wearing a long dress you're going to the type of event where lots of photos will be taken making it less likely for you to want to re-wear the dress (or at least that's my mentality with it). My dad was funny when trying to grasp how it worked and determined that it was Netflix for dresses which is pretty much the truth. My one recommendation when it comes to renting dresses from there is to be sure that you don't spend more to rent a dress than it would cost to purchase one. A common sense tid bit that I am sure you are all aware of! Here are some of Rent the Runways long dresses that would be perfect to wear for events this holiday season. 

navy and black // red // lace // periwinkle // two tone (this is what I wore)

Rent the Runway also has great short dresses although I tend to re-wear my short dresses pretty frequently as do my friends. I think my dresses go to more formals and functions than I do! Here are some of my favorite short dresses available to rent.

And since I do tend to buy short dresses here are some great options to purchase this holiday season from some of my favorite retailers! 

My go to shoes for any of these dresses are on sale! I have them in nude (on sale half off) and black and know they will be used for many years to come! 


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