Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Best Macarons In Paris

While in Paris I am pretty sure my daily sugar intake  exceeded ones recommended weekly intake. We are talking three desserts a day with absolutely no guilt due to how much we walked (over 125 miles over the course of the trip). Being the macaron enthusiast that I am I was absolutely thrilled to be in a city that had macarons as accessible as sweet tea is in the south. 

Last summer my big (in my sorority), Caroline, spent a month in Paris and during her time sought to find the best macarons in Paris. I absolutely adored this idea so I decided to take on this task for myself. With many recommendations from her of places to try macarons and Paris must sees in general my tastebuds were quite eager to get started! If you are headed to Paris anytime soon I highly encourage you to take this on as your own task seeing as it is an extremely tasty one! 

When taste testing macarons to compare for this post (and my own enjoyment) I compared vanilla macaroons to remain consistent and because that is my favorite flavor. Somehow the vanilla ones tend to be so crisp and tasty that I couldn't help to have an excuse to order more than one every chance I got!

- prettiest store you definitely must pop in while in Paris to get their hot chocolate and try their macarons
- lots of flavor choices all lined up with the prettiest displays
- these macaroons were a bit larger than the traditional size and were less crunchy with a semi chewier consistency
- the flavors were really delicious and they had the best caramel macaron I've ever had!
- these were a bit more expensive, I believe 4 macarons ran you about 7 euro
- I chose 2 vanilla, a caramel, and a chocolate

- very inexpensive, a box of 12 (prepackaged) was 8 euro
- not so much of an experience as there are Paul's all over the city and the store is pretty generic
- good flavor and a tradition size
- the flavors that came in the box supplied 2 of each: lemon, coffee, vanilla, strawberry, pistachio, and chocolate

- the store front is always absolutely adorable
- it cost about 15 euro for 8 macarons (which is cheaper than in the US)
- they offer loads of fruity flavors and a few exclusively Parisian options
- a must try since they are a classic
- flavors are delicious but expect a line when you visit their store (especially on the Champs Elysee) although it moves very quickly
- they have the prettiest and most keepsake packaging
 - I believe the macarons I selected were coffee, toffee, chocolate (x2), vanilla (x2), pistachio, salted caramel

Cafe Pouchkine:
- all of the sweets in this store had a shimmery quality to it which makes your eyes sparkle and your stomach urges you to buy one of everything
- a bit more expensive at about 2 euro per macaroni
- slightly larger in size than standard size macarons
- their vanilla was absolutely delicious with a very distinct and strong vanilla bean flavor with the tiniest taste of salt followed by pure and sweet vanilla
- while there you must also get their chocolate caramel truffle, and while you're there send some back to me they are melt in your mouth good

So the verdict…

The best vanilla macaron I had came from… Cafe Pouchkine!

Other notable places that I've been told have delicious macarons that I unfortunately didn't make it to:
- Pierre Herme
- Gateaux Thoumieux
- Carrette 
- Le Bon Marche

While I am no expert in macaroni taste testing I had so much fun writing down what I thought about each of the places I went to and it gave me an excellent excuse to stop into all sorts of macaroni shops (although now looking back I wish I would have gone to more)!  

Also as an extra surprise here is a video I uploaded of what I purchased in Paris and London!

Enjoy and happy Saturday!


  1. Macarons are my favorite! I hope I get to travel to Paris some day & try them there.

  2. I love macarons so much, these look great


  3. Your photos are making my mouth water! My sister is going to Paris this summer so I will definitely show her this post! :)

  4. Pierre Herme gets my vote. There's nothing like picking up some macarons on Rue Boneparte and wandering over to Jardain du Luxembourg to have a snack.

  5. Pierre Herme gets my vote. There's nothing like picking up some macarons on Rue Boneparte and wandering over to Jardain du Luxembourg to have a snack.

  6. So many choices...looks yummy.

  7. I wish I had done this when I was in Paris...such a great idea! I ended up spending a lot of time in line at Lauduree. :)


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